Why a service is more than just an oil and filter change

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Power Curve Performance located in Burnside Sunshine Coast Nambour are a little bit different to your run of the mill mechanic.  The service our team offer are broader than a general mechanic.  Power Curve Performance offer suspension, performance upgrades, dyno tuning, GVM upgrades and much more.  This means Power Curve Performance also see a lot of people doing their own work on their vehicle.  Often we have customers who are confused as to the condition of their vehicle regarding maintenance when they service their own car.  This can often be confused with people assuming a service is just an oil and filter change.  Previously when performing a suspension upgrade we informed a customer we noted his brakes where metal on metal and required new rotors.  He services his own 4wd and was not aware what a rotor is.  He informed us his service is an oil and filter change.  We now service his vehicle ever 10th km.  Lets have a look at why the oil and filter can be one of the lease essential items on the service list.

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More than just an oil and filter change

The oil that runs through your engine when it is filled looks a little like bush honey.  It is thick and golden when it comes out it should be black and dirty.  You can tell by this that it is doing its job, it is lubricating the engine and removing the debris and matter that the engine makes as it is used.  After around 7 thousand km the oils use starts to lose its effectiveness and by 10 thousand km it needs to be changed.  When Power Curve Performance change an engines oil and filter we also cut open the filter to check for metal or any items that should not be present in our engine that we need to address or monitor.

This is the process of an oil and filter change in your service.  However, this is just two components of your engine there are many more working parts on your vehicle that are important to insure the long life of your vehicle and your and others safety on the road that are included in your service.

If you look at your logbook that is normally located in the glove box of your vehicle there is often, depending on the car a run down of the minimum items that are checked over with a service.  Items that are of concern in a service are not only constrained by but include brakes and tyres.

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Brakes and Tyres

Brakes and tyres are the difference in life and death.  The difference of you stopping in time or your car staying on the road in a wet situation.  Being off of the tow truck not on it.  Brakes and tyres are your safety net on the road.  There are many things that we check and monitor with brakes and tyres.  Tyres should be rotated and balanced every 10th km.  This prolongs their life and the way they ware.  The life of a tyre can depend on where and how you drive as can the condition of your brakes.  Often clients from Noosa where we see a lot of roundabouts will show additional wear of tyres do to the extra turning and pressure put on the tyres by going around the roundabout.  Often this can be reflective on sharp corners or brake styles in a customers drive style.  Here at Power Curve Performance, we give clients an estimated percentage of brakes left until they will need changing.  We get this amount not from a technical book but from our relationship with our client.  Many clients travel from Malaney to have their vehicle serviced with us and we know they are driving down the range on a daily basis and their brakes are going to be used more regularly and we will estimate that if their brakes are 80% worn they will need replacing on the next service, faster than that of someone who is travelling along the highway on cruise control.

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Suspension and Steering

Suspension and steering plays a big part in the long term condition of a vehicle. The suspension is what keeps you ride smooth as you travel along. It absorbs the harshness from the majority of bumps for both you and your vehicle.  When your suspension and steering components start to wear other parts of your vehicle start to ware.  This includes tyres, brakes, engine mounts and the sort.  Depending on the vehicle the wrong suspension can affect your chassis and a damaged chassis can spell the end of your vehicle.

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Fuel System

Fuel systems assist the vehicle in running at peak performance.  The quality of fuel you put into your tank can determine the life span of your vehicle.  Changing fuel filters can mean a filter in the engine bay, a secondary filter or an intank.  While some of these filters can be expensive changing and monitoring your fuel system is important to reduce further expense.  Injectors, fuel pumps and fuel systems are costly and timely to repair.  Getting a bad batch of fuel can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Not caring for these systems can show symptoms such as poor starting, coughing and spluttering, shutting down to name a few.  Pop by some of our other blogs regarding secondary fuel filters and cleaners to keep your system at peak performance.  When Power Curve Performance service a vehicle we add injector cleaners to expand the life span of your injectors and fuel system.


Hidden Service Surprises

Unfortunately, life just happens and we can get thrown a curveball we just are not expecting with our vehicles.  A trained experienced mechanic is qualified in discovering these items.  It may be the difference in your or another life and we take a service that seriously.  A vehicle service is a very important and dutiful task to our team.  Looking after your well being is a task you put in our hands.