Update PCP Suspension

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There is so much happening here at Power Curve Performance.  We are constantly looking for new products and services that we can bring to our clients to assist in meeting your vehicle needs.  You may of noticed a new payer to the team of suspension in the PCP suspension news feeds, Lovells.

Update PCP Suspension

Whats going on?  Are you ditching Superior Engineering?  We have been asked what this means for the reputation and our relationship with the team at Superior Engineering.  Well to put your mind at ease it means absolutely nothing.  What both Superior Engineering and Power Curve Performance can offer with some superior and lovells suspension is pre purchase upgrades.  Due to the amazing range of 4wd upgrades being sought after on the Sunshine Coast it is not surprising given the creek to coast feel we have here.  The Sunshine Coast is brimming with a trend our retired travelers and a following trend of young saying why wait.  Why should we wait when there is so much to explore?


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Big Lifts

Superior engineering are the kings of the big lifts.  Not just big lifts coil conversions.  What is most important to us it the way they are doing it with a lot of great knowledge and legal.  Yes street legal.  Power Curve Performance stand by these products and with our relationship with the Superior team we can now offer pre and post-registration lifts and coil conversions.  Here in Queensland we can finally lift a 200 series land cruiser to a legal 4″ as well as a pre-registered Hilux and 79 series Landcruiser.

We have done a few legal 3″ lifts in the Nissan Gu Patrols making the owners very happy with the legalities.

While we have seen a whole heap of different products on the market as far as coil conversions.  The time superior have been on the market, the quality and out come they have been producing is still by far the best option out there for coil conversion upgrades.


79 series coil conversion, landcruiser. superiour,


GVM Upgrades

If your wondering why would we need anyone else when superior engineering are offering all of these groundbreaking new upgrades there is a three letter abbreviation GMV or GCM.  Ahh the old buy a 4wd to tow and find out you can not legally do so!! Lovells have been around for many years and been offering legal GVM and GCM upgrades for the 4wd tourer.  With great options pre and post-registration, the GVM upgrade is becoming a must.  With everything available at such a good price these days it is very difficult to go without it.  You can really pack everything and the kitchen sink and it all works so well and so easily why the hell wouldn’t you?  Well many are having to figure out what to leave behind and one of these items is the new caravan at the dealers that they just bought.  Your GVM or your Gross Vehicle Mass is the legal weight your vehicle can be, by increasing this means you can load more into your 4×4.  You can add your whole family, roof top tent and your esky.  These are things that most australian 4×4 dont allow us to carry with a legal standard GVM.  A GCM is not available for all and most in QLD are pre-registration only.  Upgrading your GVM is just the vehicle gross mass.  To tow more you need to increase your GCM your gross combined mass.  All this is for another blog.  But you get the idea of the issue that so many are starting to face when all they want to do is go for a trip to cape york.

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Update PCP Suspension

So this is where Power Curve Performance is headed with its 4×4 suspension upgrades here on the sunshine coast.  We hope to see many more of you loving getting out and about on the coast and further afield just like us, our team, family and friends.