TD42 Power to be had

TD42 Power to be had, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune, Nissan, Patrol, Suspension, Dyno tuning

Sometimes its best to get everything done all at once in hindsight.  Last week a gentleman came to Power Curve Performance with his slightly modified TD42.  Years ago he had slightly upgraded his turbocharger and his intercooler.  After this point, he had always meant to tune the vehicle and had not got to the project.  After years of waiting was there TD42 Power to be had?


TD42 Power to be had

We speak to many customers who buy brand new diesel or new to them diesel and wonder if a tune is good value and if they should wait?  There is two reasons not to tune your diesel.  1. Give it two months so you get a feel for the vehicle and can find any issues with the vehicle.  2.  There is an issue with the engine and then it is not going to fix it by tuning it.  Have it mechanically repaired.

Unless you buy the last holden on the production line in Australia and wrap it in bubble wrap so one day it is worth money untouched then ok keep it standard.  If not tune it, play with it and enjoy it.  How many years and value was robbed from the owner?    If he was putting the foot to the floor to get the power from the Patrol he’s using more fuel.  Even new vehicles are so great with a tune.  If you are going to own the vehicle for 4 years don’t wait for your warranty to run out in 3 years and then tune it and give someone else all of the fun.  Warranty lines are so blurred these days increasing your power and economy now is a great option for you.



Even years ago a turbo and intercooler is going to set you back more than a tune.  Modifying and not tuning a vehicle can be simply explained.  If you buy a great fruit tree and it costs you $500, you plant the tree and sing it a great song, put it in the sun and wait for the fruit to fill the fruit bowl.  Now if you live in a prime location where you have great soil or sufficient rain you will get a good outcome.  But if you actually water the tree and feed it and look after it.  You know as long as there is not forces of nature you will have fruit in the fruit bowl.

Modifying and not nurturing or tuning it will always leave more to be had or potentially be a waste of your investment.


TD42 Power to be had, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune, Nissan, Patrol, Suspension, Dyno tuning


The TD42 Power to be had

There has been TD42 Power to be had sitting in the reserve for years.  The holden has been unwrapped and now can be driven and enjoyed! We can’t wait for this owner to jump into his Nissan Patrol.  After all his time he will have fruit in that fruit bowl.


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