Rebirth of the zd30 bmw

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So it’s been a while, but the ZD30 BMW is back alive!! It had auto issues and was parked for a bit.

Long story but we pulled the ZD30DI out and put it in a navara, brass button clutch, front mount and all the bits expect for the turbo, has a crap turbo on it currently which will be removed and more suitable unit installed. The original build in the nav we used a 79 series VDJ turbo that made 220hp with std tune and 25psi, the current turbo made 175hp at 30psi with same tune, after some tweaks and tuning is making 220hp and drives really good but the old turbo was much better, so either go back to the cruiser turbo or looking at other options. The Power is a lot less than when in the bmw however we arnt running 38psi now either…

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As for the BMW, I was a bit over it for a while, then had a clean up at the shop and started a pile of common rail bits, turns out had everything we need to get it where it is.

So it’s a ZD30 common rail with valve springs, standard ecu, no chips or anything to run the engine, just has a modified intake manifold and the old BMW turbo which is VNT.

The auto is a re4 out of a patrol with a low stall convertor and one of our controllers so still is atuo not manualised.

So the result was 300hp and 650nm, have spent little time on tuning as we have future plans, and have some limitations to overcome with fuel delivery. However, from the last package, this is showing improved signs of boost response power and torque over the DI.

The tachograph is accurate as was run with lock up and we have 32psi by 2400 rpm, pretty impressive boost response for a large turbo.

You can try and hate the ZD30 but there proving to be underestimated.

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Why don’t we offer this to every day customers?

So you may have noticed Power Curve Performance have limited their availability on conversion and high horse power packages.  The reason being is there is a level of misunderstanding about the amount of work and time that goes into these jobs.  To do both of these we have done as our own project in our own time.  It was not to show our ability, it was just something I have done because I can and I wanted to.

The issue with supplying this to customers is reliability.  Customers always ask for a reliable everyday driver with as much power as possible.  There is no way of knowing how reliable a package like this will be.  Both vehicles will not necessarily be an every day drive car…navara maybe our mechanics work ute.

Putting a price on custom work and conversions like this is impossible.  Knowing just how long or what obstacles we run into is an unknown.  We have a team of 12 here who all know how to drive and care for a performance vehicle, service, look out for noises and watch temp gauges etc.  This makes this project much more viable, it also does not matter to us if it fails and we have to rebuild or drive another car, we have a few that we tend to register and play with at a time.

Over the years we have found the ability to offer the public packages less available due to high expectations and the expectation of warranty.

This is why we see less and less of these kinds of builds in the Australian professional market for clients.