Reality v fiction on our tv

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If you were to pop by the Power Curve Performance house after hours you would most likely find Patrick, Emma and the girls watching Gasmonkey Garage or a mountain of other vehicle related shows.  Dam its about time we watched a movie because diesel brothers, top gear, street outlaws, American restorations you name it we have watched or are watching it.  This form of say reality tv and idea is everywhere, you tube, Instagram, tick tock, pay tv, Netflix, if you turn on a device there is someone out there doing unbelievable things in the flash of an eye.


What the problem

The problem is the same issue that there is in every professional service industry.  I don’t care if your building houses, renovating, making a new garden or fabricating a fence if you’ve seen it on tv anyone can do it, afford it and it can be done in 1/2hr.  The issues we see coming back into the industry is.



When we watch gas monkey garage we see a team of 6 guys smashing out an elite build in a week or two! It is groundbreaking and amazing work.  The builds sometimes run into a few issues that seem to be fabricated to make a good story.  Parts are not available and a great supplier jumps in and the parts arrive just in the nick of time.

The reality of time in a workshop is.  There is not 6 guys to work on one job.  There could be, however, could you afford a build that has 6 guys working on one build for just you.  They work on a tv show, there are no other clients or interruptions or other jobs coming in the door.  If they let the job down and go over time, you don’t know about it, it is for a tv show.  If they go over budget they have a whole budget to fall back on and would have to assume that Richard Rawlings probably is less concerned about going over budget on the vehicle than his tv so and his marketing label.

Parts and suppliers get things to these teams because they are benefiting from their brand being on the show.  They probable donate or have sponsorship rolls in the show that is why they are there.


Everything goes to plan, well most of the time.  We see some very nice prices on some of the show.  The American market is a whole lot different from ours.  The cost of vehicles, parts in America is not even comparable to Australia.  The population difference over there means the buying power is much more so their parts are a hell of a lot cheaper than here in Australia.  There is a bigger vehicle market over there and with relaxed laws in a lot of states means that the gear you see in America or other countries is much different from here.

Again the amount of money in labour to make these big jobs viable can easily see you go belly up just like the guys in Rust Valley Restorers.


Diesel Brothers Season 6, Episode 4 (Full Episodes 6–4)


Years down the track the aftermath of reality shows comes to light.  Pimp my ride was extremely popular back in the day.  However it was bought to light and the brand was crushed with people unable to drive their vehicle ever again.  They looked fun and amazing on tv but in real life there is a lot that can be done with a bit of editing and a film crew.


Modern-day tv drama

These days anyone can be a tv star with Instagram, you tube, tick tock and facebook. Every week we see new people show up with great following.  The reality of a lot of these people is similar what you see is not always real.  Some of your best know vloggers have a great script and someone in the back ground doing the work and answering the questions.  They have very limited knowledge of what they are doing.  The price of a budget build when companies are donating parts is great but not when you the consumer is going to do the build yourself.


Selling a product

We have seen the aftermath of great marketing also.  A budget build with cheap products with a production crew filming it.  Oh but is saw all 4 adventure or 4wd action do it and use that product.  The thing to remember is that all of these people are paid to market a product.  A beauty of smaller business is we can pick and choose the products for your car.  The clutch company we use for a vdj cruiser is no the same as one we would use in a ford ranger.  We can pick and choose the market and what suits what best.



So even though we also love and follow these shows it is important to remember not everything is as it seems.  Cool, reliable, drag strip horse power is not always available at a cheap budget and time frame.  Build project cars but maybe not as your only every day driver.  We aware things do not always go to plan.