Nissan Patrol RD28

Nissan Patrol Superior

Josh came to us with a list from a mechanic and a goal for his Nisan Patrol RD28.  No one would help him, and he is moving to Sydney for a year once his car can take on the journey.  He had the finance, maybe it was his age or this massive list he was trying to get fixed but no one would help.  This alone sparked our interest so we took a look.

customer concern

please fix steering and engine- first
bonnet scoop in rear – not worrying about this due to time unless easy enough to fit
power steering belt worn/ slipping
missing driver seat bolt
power steering pump leaking
snycro for 3rd worn
head gasket leaking
ac seized
hubs damaged internally
rocker cover gasket leaking oil
wastgate seized and boost tee hoses swollen
wiper blade inserts need replacing
horn not working
lh engine mount broken
sump damaged
front castor bushes worn
rear trailing arm bushes worn
rear panhard bushes worn
broken wires in gearbox loom
lh tie rod ends excessive play
front wheel bearings loose
track rod bent
radiator uses coolant
top of snorkel lost its bolts
turbo constantly running 26 psi is it ok?

Power Curve Performance Resolution

Not of the list was correct once we investigated the Nissan Patrol and today we still can’t see why no one would take this job on.  We had a day spare to look over Joshs patrol and tick alot of points off his list.  Simple things make the difference.  The engine issues that had been diagnosed where related to the aftermarket chip that had been installed to the RD28.  A little too happy with the power screw the RD was pumping out massive volumes of black soot!  Black soot is not POWER the more soot you chuff not the more power you have as a rule.  For the RD we turned the screw back to a suitable level and the Nissan Patrol drove 1000 times better and reduced the lag.  It also removed the the start of the heating issues. The waste gate required a bracket and our in house tuner adjusted the boost to assist the RD28.

Heating resolution

Your heating issues should always be looked at as soon as they occur.  They are not always costly.  Along with the too hot chip the RD had a kink in a water hose blocking the flow of the water.  If you are doing a lot of 4×4 off road a good tip is to regularly check your radiator for blockages.  A clean radiator means a cool engine and a cool engine means a happy long term engine.

Simple things matter

Ever got your car back and all of the major things are fixed but that little thing you notice all of the time and mention is never fixed.  Sure its not a top priority to a mechanic who is trying to make sure the rest of a list as above is fixed.  It may not be as important to the mechanic but it is to you and so it is important to us.  As well as that it doesn’t take long.  New wipers, a bolt for the seat, and the snorkel to be fixed into place.  We also checked the supplied bonnet scoop and just how long in reality it would take to install.

The steering could not all be fixed on the day of booking and we had other booked jobs for that day.  Rebooking a customer at a time that suits everyone means everyone gets the best care and attention for their vehicles.  When you are paying for a service you you hope for full attention to be paid to your job.  The steering was improved with a power steering belt and bolt fitted to the steer pump meaning the return of the great invention of power steering.  Under neath the car requires some Superior assistance.


Nissan Patrol SuperiorNissan Patrol SuperiorNissan Patrol Superior

Superior Assistance

Superior assistance like what I did there hahaha.  New lower control arm bushes, pan hard bard bar and tie rod bar that was extremely bent.  We know Josh is a 4×4 off road guy and for a fraction more the the initial price we supplied and installed the best versions of the superior rods and arms available.  Solid tie rod that Josh held, weighed and approved gave a great understanding of why the product was best suited to his needs.  Buy once buy right and who can argue with a life time warranty against bending.

Lets let Mad Matt and Mick explain some more about the heavy duty control arms.

The list

Like we said in the beginning not everything on the list was faulty and not everything was wanted to be replaced.  The supplied bonnet scoop was remarkably easy to install.  Scoops can take hours and hours to install.  This one fit very well and we where able to install in the customers budget.  Josh is stoked with his outcome and on his way to Sydney, he will be back next year for a few more mods.

Nissan Patrol Superior

Do you have repair list you would like us to look at?

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