Michaels’ new Commodore

Buying a nice new to you car is a big deal to you.  Time money and investment into the new vehicle it is extremely important to ensure your investment with a good check over and service.  Michaels’ new Commodore has had the kings treatment a full detail tidy up to make it his own.  Power Curve Performance has run the new Commodore on the dyno to see what power the vehicle is producing.  This figure is above the level expected from a standard Commodore.  This confirms the point that the customer was looking at given that the seller stated the vehicle has a chip of some form.



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New vehicle service

Checking over your new vehicle is a sure insurance policy.  A lot of customers even like to bring their proposed vehicle in for a pre purchase check over.  Power Curve check breaks, engine running, oil etc condition.  Tyres and all general wear and tear of the vehicle and expected cost of repairs.  Luckily for Michael his investment has been sealed by our team as the vehicle seems to be in great repair.  It drives and sits well on the dyno reading.  The service oils, filters etc show the vehicle has been well looked after and is a fantastic buy for the proud new owner.


Needing a Service

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