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Lost of people will look at a mechanic bill after their visit and say wow I was expecting that to be a $330 service, they stung me. Why did they charge me $900!!  One of the biggest misunderstood components in the automotive/ customer industry is the difference between a mechanical service v repair.

A service is a checklist in your log book. The parts that should be repaired, replaced and checked as they wear over the life of the vehicle.

Repair items are items that occur due to additional elements. Items such as tyre wear maybe due to living in an area with a lot of roundabouts. Air filters needing an additional change after a 4×4 trip.

The two processes are different, however, can often occur in the same visit. A mechanic should notify you of the proposed costs, findings and seek your permission prior to repairing any items. All horror stories aside, the aim is to keep your vehicle at the optimum on-road driving experience and you safe and secure. Also keeping value and long-term cost down for you as the vehicle owner.

Next time you see your “service” leave costing more than you are expecting have a look at the two different services provided. It may help you decipher you bill a little more. Always remember to ask your mechanic if you are unsure. If your mechanic is right for you they will be happy to explain.
Safe and happy weekend driving everyone.