Leave the beach behind

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Power Curve Performance tip: Leave the beach behind.  The Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas host some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.  For us this means we see a great number of locals utilising the destination with family and friends.  4×4 are an Australian way of life and very few Sunshine Coast vehicles have not ventured onto the beach.  The fall out we see in our work shop from this is sand and salt not being washed from these 4wds.

DIY Tips for cleaning your 4WD Post trip

  • Rust deterrent is a fantastic idea.  Not sure on how great the electric rust prevention measures honestly are but a fish oil base is a great deterrent for your vehicle.
  • Always wash your 4×4 with a high pressure cleaner- if you don’t own one head to the car wash.
  • Put a hose in your chassis rail and let them flow until clean of all sand and salt.
  • Hose out bash plates as sand often hides in these areas
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheel arches and rims inside and out
  • Watch grease areas don’t hit with high-pressure wash
  • Degrease and fine wash engine bay
  • Check diff breathers
  • Don’t neglect the interior

If you have concerns regarding taking your 4×4 off road make a booking with our team for a full proposal