Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018

Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018 booked as a working weekend social meet up with Superior Engineering.  If this is working than we are happy to work 24/7! All bar one of our team made the weekend away to Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018.  Jesse with the turbo TB45 Nissan Patrol. Patrick and Emmas sad goodbye to their sold TD42 auto converted TI Nissan Patrol.  Isacc in his stock standard Triton our first year apprentice.

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Landcruiser Mountain Park

Landcruiser Mountain Park is the perfect playground from mild to wild 4×4.  Yes it is open again. After a few years of closure and all kinds of stuff going on it is great news for all of us on the Sunshine Coast to know for sure our favourite 4×4 park is back and operational again.  Run by past owners Helen and Alben the park is as it was with a few modifications to the rules.  The new rules will make the management of the park much better for the owners and for the safety of all of us avid 4×4 visitors.  For all t&C as well as cost click below.

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There are some important rules that have been upgraded but most importantly we noticed on our departure and if you have visited before. Sign out.  Many people had skipped sign out meaning the owners of the park have to go and look for you to make sure you are ok.  Please remember to sign out before you leave.


Power Curve Performance Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018

Previous social meet up at Landcruiser Mountain Park with Superior Engineering we joined forces this time for a bigger better event.  Friday night kicked things up for the weekend with just Power Curve Performance and Superior Engineering.  Previously Patrick tuned Mick (owner of superiors) TB45 Nissan Patrol.  Off to collect firewood and back before 10pm the guys had a ball.  Needless to say, they somehow forgot the firewood.

Power Curve Performance, TB45, Dyno Tune, Superior Engineering, Landcruiser Mountain Park

View of the crew from the Power Curve Patrol leading the pack to the Pig Pen

Saturday Social Meet Up

With a few 100 people arriving for the long weekend social meet up 8am and everyone was pumped.  Two runs included a easy/medium and a hard run.  With Jesse and his kitted out Patrol off on the hard run and Patrick and the family on the medium, we set out.  Jesse was out in front until one of his mates lost a fuel tank and they were out for an hour or so with a few roadside repairs.  Nothing like taking your mechanic mate with you for repairs on the road.  Patrick and Emma on the last weekend with the 250hp TD42 as it leaves the family to make way for the next build.  Family friendly run was not too extreme to cause any damage and it was great to get out and meet a few people who otherwise would only talk on the MR Y61 facebook page.  Kids loved some old fashioned learning to steer the 4×4 just like growing up on the farm when Pat was a kid.  Driving through the mud getting mud all over the Patrol night time camp fires and new friends the way to fill a long weekend.  Sunday saw some of the same with Mick taking some of those with well set up rigs up some of the harder tracks.  Mick has been off road and has the Superior built GU to take on the worst of tracks for many years.  A background in comp truck racing Mick is great to chat too and happy to give some tips and talk you through a 4×4 challenge.


Our Kids loving the adventures


Superior Engineering Ford Ranger on the medium trail trying out the new coil conversion with Ryan MrY61 with a large following from his facebook page.

Coil Conversion Now Available for more details pop by the Superior Engineering Website all call the Power Curve sale team.

Overall a great weekend we are looking forward to making the next meet up even bigger and better!

If you want to get your 4×4 Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2019 ready give our team a call


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