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4wd exhaust or petrol headers and system

Did you know your petrol could gain power with just the addition or an exhaust. A 4wd exhaust is pointed at reduced temperatures.  New headers and exhaust can give you flow creating power.  While the intercooler and turbo or supercharger is pumping in the good air you need an efficient way of expelling the waist. Freeing your engine efficiently can give you up to 10% achievable power gain just by decreasing the resistance. Both also add a little eye candy and engine note to any vehicle. Which face it, is a must added bonus!!

Exhausts are very important for your engine as they allow it to breathe. We have a large range of V8s who are underpowered due to their exhaust system. It is really important when considering an exhaust upgrade on any vehicle to give us a call as the wrong package can be a waste of money and rob you of measurable power.

While we cater for all the needs of the industry when it comes to an exhaust system from engine conversion full custom exhaust packages to suit the requirements of the engine being converted to allow the maximum performance and reliability for the job, to off the shelf fitted systems to suit standard engine/vehicle systems to performance upgrades like cam packages/performance built engines alike.

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Premium 4wd Exhaust

Proud of your 4wd, invested time and dedication into having your rig at its best.  Adding premium 4×4 products for reliability and upgrades that need to be added once only.  Deserve customer service and quality for your 4×4 you need a premium 4wd exhaust.  Legendex systems have the backing of a local QLD company who are dedicated and passionate about 4×4 off road and overlanding.  The teams expansion and partnerships with businesses such as Superior Engineering and Power Curve Performance reflex their passion for quality.

Barnie backs his premium 409 stainless, ceramic coated 4×4 exhaust systems with a 10 year on AND off road warranty.  Our install team love the product as it is the easiest no fuss product for us to install.  You will love your Legendex premium 4wd exhaust as it eliminates the drone that can make you want to turn back from your holiday and head back to the office.


Legendex Exhaust 4wd 3" 200 series Land Cruiser ECU Tune Power Curve Performance

Legendex exhaust 3" Power Curve Performance diesel performance sunshine coast maroochydore nambourThe Legendex is a Genie product that is all made and manufactured here in QLD. Barnie from Genie is often in the Power Curve workshop.   Legedex Exhaust do of their R&D with their suppliers.  Gaining professional and customer feedback on their systems. Power Curve Performance can advise you on the Legendex Exhaust or Genie system to best suit your needs and fit it all simply in house for you the same day as your ECU remap



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Listen to the Legendex Rumble on a Patrol 3L TD- before and after and drive by

Listen to the Legendex rumble on this 79 Series Landcruiser 

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