I got bogged on Inskip

I got bogged on Inskip, if you have not come across the facebook page take a look.

I got bogged on inskip, Power Curve Performance, rated recovery points

165,373 people like the facebook page and Im sure we see it so often as inskip beach is so local to us.  If you live in Perth or Sydney there has to be a location near you that reflects this page.  If you’re not a Facebook follower the above clip shows a Nissan Patrol attempting to recover the dual cab out of the bog.  Unfortunately not using a rated recovery point the bar is pulled clear off the dual cab.  The video is amazing with the Nissan Patrol driver having a good laugh at maybe the luck of the situation.

In all honesty, while his laugh and initially the situation seems comical the reality is not so.  165373 people follow this facebook page and with a post description of “always use rated recovery points”  I’m going to make an uncommon for me point of assuming that the page administrators are shocked or amazed at the number of people still heading to Inskip unprepared.   After the fun and games, the reality sets in when you consider the weight of that bar and the velocity it is going through the air.  Had someone been standing between its path they would be seriously injured or killed.  Secondly, the cost or repair to the dual cab Im sure hes not over the moon no matter how many people view the video.

Recovery points are not bull bars or tow balls and the factory tow points are often difficult to locate or to get to.  If you are set for beach, mud or dirt off road then the position you find your self in may not suit your standard points.  Finding yourself stuck or standing beside a bogged vehicle.  A stuck or bogged 4wd is often too much for the standard factory tow points and damage can be caused by using them.  How much extra weight do you take with you up the beach that adds to your load on a factory tow point?

Previously we have discussed how a Nissan Patrol is over GVM with the simple addition of a Swag, Beer, Fridge and single occupant.  Add to this the mates/ wife, kids, more beer, food, missus book and survival kit, kids extra shovels buckets, sunscreen and the missus just added the kitchen sink.  Tow that out of the sand and water easily.


I got bogged on Inskip in didn’t end up on I’m an idiot don’t let me off road again bloopers

Power Curve Performance are proud Superior Engineering Authorised Dealers.  Over the years we have seen the Superior vehicles be put to the test and they know 4×4 off road.  Superior has developed their products a little like our TD42 fans from need on the track.

Here’s how we can help you recover safely off road

Heavy duty Recovery points

There is no substitute for safety and fitting quality heavy duty recovery points is easy and relatively in-expensive, certainly a lot cheaper than an insurance claim!

Each Superior Engineering – rated recovery point undergoes extensive research and design involving either actual vehicle chassis samples, CAD data and FEA analysis testing or destructive testing on a 200 ton NATA testing rig. All designs are then tested on actual chassis’ to assess the forces and direction of loads applied to each recovery point prototype.

The recovery points are designed to accommodate not only the complex mounting point location on some vehicle but also allow any additional loading to be transmitted into the optimal location of the chassis section. This ensures the airbag safe deployment signals during a crash situation.

All Superior Engineering recovery points are positioned and angled to allow maximum strength whilst retaining full steering angles. The high clearance designs and large slotted lugs allow easy recovery equipment connection and dramatically reduce the chance of being buried or stuck in the mud or dirt. Where possible the eye of the recovery point has a large slot that is designed to allow the shackle to be fed through or to pivot, which can reduce the side loading on the shackle pin.

Some features typical in all Superior Engineering Recovery and Tow Points:

  • Designed and constructed from Premium steel, specifically for your vehicle. Tested for load and durability as well as a precision fit and finish.
  • All recovery eyes are designed for over-sized rated shackles which make attaching recovery equipment a breeze.
  • Recovery points are mounted so they provide the highest possible ground clearance and are attached in positions that create the least amount of interference when tackling even the toughest of obstacles.
  • IFS bash plates with integrated recovery points feature recessed pockets that eliminate the recovery eye from burying into the ground when off-road in tricky conditions.
  • Finished in a hard-wearing red powder coat for maximum visibility, and all points are supplied with complete mounting kits featuring high tensile bolts and instructions.

Even Superior Engineering ‘rated’ Tow points for the rear of your 4WD are built and tested for serious off-road adventures.

When two points are available, it is always a good idea to use a bridle to reduce the load on the recovery points. Bridles allow the two points to share a percentage of the load – the length of the bridle determines the amount of inward force transmitted between the points.

A Single Ford Ranger Rated Recovery Point on a plain white background

Heavy Duty Ford Ranger Rated Recovery Point – 5000kgs

Ford Ranger Recovery Point and Bash Plate

Heavy Duty Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 Rated Recovery Point and Engine Guard / Bash Plate

Testing the Superior Rated Recovery Points

Superior Engineering Workshop testing Rated recovery Points and Tow Points.


Power Curve Performance in the shop

Keep it simple, in stock for under $200  is an ironman 4×4 small recovery kit.  You can pick these up anytime in the Power Curve Performance shop.  Coming in a nice zip up bag once used just roll it back up and pop it away under the seat for safe keeping.

Ironman 4x4 small recovery kit features diagram


Saftey is no Laughing Matter