Ford Everest

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For Everest presented to the team for an ECU Tune.  The customer had been recommended by a friend who had their Ford Ranger ECU Tuned and loved the results. The question is often I know I need this but what will it do and what can I expect.  Most of us have heard of the ECU Tune and the basics that it will make your vehicle run better.  As this customer said why do I choose Power Curve Performance and what do you stand for?

The best way I can describe this was presented to me half an hour earlier by an unhappy ECU Tune owner.  The out of state owner owns a 200 series Landcruiser and like the Ford Everest owner knew he needed an ECU tune.  He went down to his local mechanic who he has worked with for years and ordered an ECU File for his 4WD.  Afterwards, he drove what he thought was a good tune, until things started to go wrong.  The back of the car was covered in black soot and he started to experience issues with the engine.

At this point, the gentleman started to research further.  Power Curve Performance was a brand he knew and trusted as prevalent in our history with his vehicle.  By searching into what we do the gentleman learnt that there is more to an ECU tune than just a file upload.  A dyno and a good tuner play a massive role in the outcome.  He realised for his superior vehicle he had just given it a $1 shop knock-off instead of the diamond equivalent.

Ford Everest outcome and expectation

4wd are getting flasher and the engines are getting smaller.  There is a fine line in a tune as to the outcome you can expect and just how good it is for your investment.  Power Curve Performance tunes are based on turbo lag, over taking, where possible economy and long life of your engine and components.  The owner of the 3.2 Ford Everest will notice a difference when towing his van, the decrease of turbo lag and increase of throttle response.  The ECU Tune is an entry level upgrade for the vehicle.  High flow turbo and injectors are possible. For most the tune maybe an exhaust and idrive will compleat their power package.

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