Family Beach Trip Parado

Toyota Prado Family Beach trip

Easter is two days away and many of us are planning to get away for the long weekend.  Having our own young children making the most of our time with them is important to us all.   The beach trip this easter is all set.   When Dan called the most important thing for him was gaining some more power to help make the crossing into the beach.

Getting the family safely over that hurdle and into their weekend was the main goal.   The 1kz parado is pure ECU technology at this stage.   We can however offer a range of tunable chips to advertise great outcomes including getting us into the beach confidently.

As well as a tune the team exchanged the parado exhaust out for a genie 4×4 system and a safari snorkel.

Beach ready results

The difference in those and power is nearly level on the dyno graph pre tune.  Installing the tunable chip has provided this family with a nice healthy upgrade.

Family Beach Trip Parado 1kz

Family Beach Trip Parado 1kz

Ready to remove the old exhaust

Family Beach Trip Parado 1kz

Family Beach Trip Parado 1kz

Safari snorkel installed

With rain forecast for the weekend it really doesn’t matter because the kids are so excited so the parado will be heading up the beach anyway.   Best memories are made when we maybe would of stayed home.

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