ECU File Kills Navara

ECU File Kills Navara, Power Curve Performance,

Power Curve Performance pride themselves on quality outcomes for customers and vehicles.  We highly support our own ECU Tune abilities with a long line of happy customers and reliable vehicles.  Often we will be presented with vehicles from other previous sources with an undesired tune that we are requested to resolve.  For our latest customer, the previous ECU File has resulted in a world of headaches prior to it being delivered to us. In fact the ECU File kills Navara is the sad result.

Back Story

The Navara was booked in for an ECU Tune after having a new engine installed and injectors.  We were made aware that the engine was experiencing some additional smoke and a rattle on startup.  In this situation, an ECU Tune is not always the answer to resolve these issues in a new vehicle.  For many years it has been true to be the answer, however, these days not as likely.  In this situation, our customers are always made aware that the vehicle will require a check over prior to any form of tuning being taken out.

What else could be wrong

The Navara did not just need a new engine and injectors for the fun of it, there was a reason this engine failed. On delivery of the vehicle, the customer was correct in the fact the engine had a cold start issue and blowing a lot of smoke.  Our team discovered through a process of elimination that the vehicle had a non-original file in the ECU.  Removing and looking over the format of this file we can honestly say this is one of the worst files that we have seen to date.  Hoping to resolve the issue we replaced the upgraded file with a factory Navara ECU file.  The vehicle drove completely differently the improvement was noticeable.   Unfortunately just like the first issues the Navara ECU file had caused further issues.


All indications pointed to the injectors on removal the injectors were found to of not been fitted with their sealing washers and the injectors had been compromised.  With the factory file installed we knew that replacing the injectors at this point with all required components meant would be safe and not potentially cause an additional set to be required.  Once installed the Nissan Navara started easily without smoke or issues.  At this point, the customer requested a custom Power Curve ECU Tune.

Custom Navara ECU File Tune

With the customer wanting the power and also to do final checks the Nissan Navara was dynoed.  This showed that the vehicle was under powered more so than standard due to a failing turbo.  This outcome and the series of events, mechanics or tuners that lead to the vehicle landing on our door is why we stress to customers to look beyond the figures and the price.  A well tuned healthy engine will be a pleasure to drive and if anything benefits you in the long run.  The saying anyone can be a tuner is extremely relevant in this situation.  Anyone with enough money and talent to turn on a computer ‘Can’ be a tuner.  They can play with maps and files or buy them online from the lowest bidder, however, the long term outcome can be compromised.

Investment in both a good quality tuner and mechanic who understands the fundamentals of your diesel engine is of utmost importance.  It may just save your engine, injectors, turbo and your pocket.


Are you looking for a custom professional Navara ECU File and Dyno Tune to suit your vehicle and needs