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Driveline – Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

Over the past four years, Troy Staines has been building his 200 series Landcruiser as the perfect touring rig.  In this episode, Troy takes us through the driveline of the build and the relationship that Troy and Power Curve Performance have built over this time. Troy has been a very real and honest client for Power Curve Performance over the years.  He has put a lot of time, effort and research into his 200 Series Landcruiser.  The fact that he uses his 200 series Landcruiser for everything is a fantastic test for us with the products we use.

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Why a service is more than just an oil and filter change

MECHANICAL SERVICE, Power Curve Performance,

Power Curve Performance located in Burnside Sunshine Coast Nambour are a little bit different to your run of the mill mechanic.  The service our team offer are broader than a general mechanic.  Power Curve Performance offer suspension, performance upgrades, dyno tuning, GVM upgrades and much more.  This means Power Curve Performance also see a lot of people doing their own work on their vehicle.  Often we have customers who are confused as to the condition of their vehicle regarding maintenance when they service their own car.  This can often be confused with people assuming a service is just an oil and filter change.  Previously when performing a suspension upgrade we informed a customer we noted his brakes where metal on...

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SHOCK ABSORBER MEASUREMENT The correct measurement of your shocks is important to allow full flex and reduce damage to the shocks. In order to get the proper lengths it is vital that you flex the vehicle to maximum articulation, which may require the removal of the factory shocks. The picture below gives an indication of what is needed to get a correct measurement. If you do not have access to a ramp as in the picture you can also use any incline that allows you to reach maximum articulation. There are two different types of mountings on shocks. The first type is eye mount. All eye type shock ends are measured from the centre of the eye where the bolt...

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Reality v fiction on our tv

power curve performance, reality v ficction, tv

If you were to pop by the Power Curve Performance house after hours you would most likely find Patrick, Emma and the girls watching Gasmonkey Garage or a mountain of other vehicle related shows.  Dam its about time we watched a movie because diesel brothers, top gear, street outlaws, American restorations you name it we have watched or are watching it.  This form of say reality tv and idea is everywhere, you tube, Instagram, tick tock, pay tv, Netflix, if you turn on a device there is someone out there doing unbelievable things in the flash of an eye.   What the problem The problem is the same issue that there is in every professional service industry.  I don't care...

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Rebirth of the zd30 bmw

power curve performance, zd3, horse power

So it’s been a while, but the ZD30 BMW is back alive!! It had auto issues and was parked for a bit. Long story but we pulled the ZD30DI out and put it in a navara, brass button clutch, front mount and all the bits expect for the turbo, has a crap turbo on it currently which will be removed and more suitable unit installed. The original build in the nav we used a 79 series VDJ turbo that made 220hp with std tune and 25psi, the current turbo made 175hp at 30psi with same tune, after some tweaks and tuning is making 220hp and drives really good but the old turbo was much better, so either go back to...

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Air is the cheapest thing you can put in your car.

Air is the cheapest thing you can put in your car but is something often overlooked. Have you gone into your mechanic for another service and again you are due for new tyres or you've noticed your using more fuel than usual?  But I only just replaced my tyres!! Air is free (for now) at all service stations and it is a great idea to check your tyre pressures often.   Tyre Pressure Tyre pressure can make a big difference to your vehicle no matter what make or model.  Tyre pressure when set at the right amount can effet. Tyre wear General driving comfort Punctures Fuel economy Grip on the road Handling Traction ie in water   How do you...

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Don’t be a sheep

What do sheep and modified vehicle have to do with each other you ask?  Word of mouth is a great asset for Power Curve Performance and it creates us a steady work flow.  This being said we often run across a common issue.  People sitting around the camp fire or having a beer with a mate hearing of the great upgrades of work they have done on their vehicle.  As we see time and time again very rarely does one size fit all.  When looking at upgrading your vehicle there are a lot of things to take into mind when talking to your mechanic or sales person. Why do I want to upgrade? Looking to upgrade your vehicle think about...

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LOVELLS GVM UPGRADE SUITABLE FOR FORD RANGER PXII/MAZDA BT-50 4X4 1/12 ON 3500KG (OE 3200KG) POST REGISTRATION     The usable payload of many 4X4 vehicles today is minimal. Additional basic optional equipment and two or three adult male occupants will bring the vehicle close to its legal maximum weight (GVM) in many cases. Add long range fuel tanks, bull bars, winches, side steps, roof racks, recovery gear and a payload of camping equipment or an industrial type custom body and the vehicle will ultimately exceed the Original Equipment allowable Gross Vehicle Mass. Original Equipment suspension is designed for comfort above all other considerations, thus load carrying and performance can be compromised. Whereas, Lovells design suspension systems with matched components...

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64.8 HP 79 Series Landcruiser

power curve performance, 79 sereis landcruiser, power issues,

Gerard was referred to Power Curve Performance from a valued friend and mechanical professional in Hervey Bay.  Gerards 79 series Landcruiser concerns are low power and a high whistle.  Knowing that Gerard was coming from Hervey Bay we had some concerns in regards to him returning home the same day.  Based on 79 series landcruisers we see every day the diagnosis over the phone would be to jump to a failed or chipped turbocharger. Why we don't diagnose over the phone Our concern based on 79 series landcruisers we see every day we can diagnose by ear, feel and then sight a failed turbo in minutes.   So we had a feeling this could be the unfortunate case based on what...

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Update PCP Suspension

79 series coil conversion, landcruiser. superiour,

There is so much happening here at Power Curve Performance.  We are constantly looking for new products and services that we can bring to our clients to assist in meeting your vehicle needs.  You may of noticed a new payer to the team of suspension in the PCP suspension news feeds, Lovells. Update PCP Suspension Whats going on?  Are you ditching Superior Engineering?  We have been asked what this means for the reputation and our relationship with the team at Superior Engineering.  Well to put your mind at ease it means absolutely nothing.  What both Superior Engineering and Power Curve Performance can offer with some superior and lovells suspension is pre purchase upgrades.  Due to the amazing range of 4wd...

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