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Petrol Engine Tuning

Power Curve Performance is your local Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning Specialists. Offering custom petrol engine tuning to a wide variety of makes models and ecus.  While we offer a large range of performance enhancing options and all forms of vehicle upgrades.  Our core business is Dyno Tuning. We have a very large range of available tuning tools and equipment and have support from a large family of tuners from all over to offer our customers the best possible outcome for every engine / tuning package available.

We have access and experience in all forms of Petrol Engine Tuning and all types of fuels, 98 octane, E85, methanol and Nitrous in all forms of fuel delivery, Carburetor and fuel injected systems.

We have on hand software for most types of fuel injection controllers and most of the common factory ECU tuning options such as,

  • Edelbrock Carb
  • Holley Carb and EFI
  • Haltech
  • Microtech
  • Wolf
  • EMS
  • Link
  • Autronic
  • Motech
  • Hp tuner
  • EFI live
  • Nistune
  • Apexi Power FC
  • Alien Tech

Drive in drive out

If you are looking for the full package our team offer drive in drive out petrol upgrades and conversions.  This Torana is one of our latest achievements for a customer we have not even met.  Kermit the Torana was sent from Mackay for an LS1 conversion and full engine rebuild and upgrade.  The whole process was achieved in-house.  Apart from the engine bay getting a tidy up new coat of paint we can offer everything including your tune at Power Curve Performance.   Petrol engine tuning, engine build, ls, torana, holden, sunshine coast

While there are many more systems out there we are not bound by these manufacturers or controllers, we understand that everyone has the personal preference and are not concerned about what device you have rather about tuning an engine to perform at its best, While there are certain systems that work better for different applications and with our experience being so widespread we can offer the best possible tuning option for your needs if you don’t currently have one or we tune what you have already, either way, we are your one stop tuning shop!!

Wolf Engine Management Systems partnered with Power Curve Performance bring you a whole new level of tuning. Wolf management work side by side with our team to achieve unbeatable results.  Wolf systems are extremely complex and are assisting us to take on previously unachievable options such as automatic TD42s, Smooth running petrol Hilux upgrades and more.  Wolf supply a universal plug-in kit that is designed to remove the standard ECU and refit with the wolf, E85 sensors, electronic throttle control units and much more.

wolf-v550-banner after market computer










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