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Diesel ECU Tune


Diesel ECU Tune is the biggest tuning turn point for common rail diesel performance.

Diesel ECU Tuning now gives Power Curve Performance the ability to tune a vehicle’s standard ECU (or vehicles factory engine computer). Diesel ECU tuning allows our tuner intimate access to the Common Rail Diesel allowing access further than ever before. NOW OFFERING DIRECT INJECTION ZD30 DIESEL ECU TUNING!

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Performance results providing bottom end torque and response.  Overcoming the common frustration experienced and described by many customers as lag.  Lack of performance when towing, overtaking, multiple gear changes required an unexpected disappointment for many diesel common rail owners.

The Diesel ECU Tune provides an answer to all of the above.  The access of the ECU to our tuners means the Power Curve Tune style of safe, responsive and reliable engine tuning can be experienced.  Additional units are no longer required eliminating fault codes and aftermarket component failure.

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Performance Chips

While there are many “performance chips” out on the market that has similar “expected results” The benefit of a Power Curve Performance Diesel ECU Tune over a diesel performance rail chip is vast.  You can see the difference in the corresponding dyno sheet.  The 79 Series Landcruiser was booked for an ECU tune and Diesel Performance Rail Chip removal.  The results were documented for the customer.

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  • High-performance gains in the rpm the vehicle is used to tow, overtake and drive.
  • Aggressive power and torque in the rpm range the vehicle is driving and towing.
  • No interruptions from wiring and water faults to the performance chip.
  • Custom tuned to the vehicle, engine and drivers wish
  • Price at $1490 its more than competitive with every quality performance chip on the market.


A little explanation of the dyno sheet    

Left axis is power, the right axis is Torque, bottom axis is RPM Red solid line is factory power.  Red dotted line is factory torque.  The green solid line is rail chip power, the green dotted line is rail chip torque.  Blue solid line is ECU tuned power, the blue dotted line is ECU tuned torque.

As you can see from the graph power and torque from an ECU tune gives maximum power and torque between 1700 and 2500rpm which is where most driving occurs, and all over the rev range, we have gained power and torque over standard.


Feedback from customers has been better fuel economy, no hesitation when overtaking, no need to change down gears when driving a steep incline, safe power increase no lurching power makes it easy for anyone to safely drive.

Why do 90% of our customers choose Power Curve Performance Diesel ECU tune for their common rail diesel?

  • Reduce on road lag and overall responsiveness
  • Non-aggressive power response
  • Quality engine tuning
  • Lack of pre-tune power when 4wding, beach driving, towing a caravan or boat.
  • Confidant overtaking and merging power.
  • “I bought a new vehicle and expected it to respond and have much more power, now its been tuned it is much better to drive”
  • Safe all over tuning across the full range of the engine not just singular rail or fuel changes.

Want to see more on our results and customer findings jump by our blog and read through the expanding information

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What power figure will a Power Curve Performance Diesel ECU Tune give me?

The standard result advertised for Australian Common Rail Diesels is 30% Power and torque and 5-25% fuel economy.

Through out our time ECU tuning, we know that each and every vehicle is different.  At Power Curve Performance each ECU Tune is fit for purpose.  Tunes are designed for the engine and customers driving needs.  We will sacrifice top dyno figures for better down low driving power.  An ECU Tune is not a high power option there is no 500hp gain.  We are looking a drivability and engine reliability results.

Each make and model will be different so is each individual vehicle.  A Toyota will start at a 30% gain and climb from here.

We do not give a fuel economy figure based on the individuality of the engine and drive style.  If you own a highly loaded big tyre 4×4 and lug it around you will not improve your economy.



What else can I do to improve my performance with my ECU Tune booking at Power Curve Performance?

(please see links for more information on each of these options) 

Each Common Rail Diesel is as individual as the person driving it.  For a more explanation on the right package and prices for your needs please contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.   

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Now offering ZD30 Direct Injection ECU Tuning!!

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