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Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrol GQ/GU Wagon No Body Lift

Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrol GQ/GU Wagon No Body Lift   This is a heavy duty 100% Bolt-on Coil Tower Brace to suit the Nissan Patrol GQ / GU Wagon with no body lift. Superior Engineering has come up with another world first. Our bolt on coil tower brace for GU and GQ Nissan Patrol Wagons allows you strengthen your coil towers without the need to fit a body lift. The kit comes with everything needed for a complete bolt in installation. Why take the risk of your coil towers bending or worse still tearing off.   Why You Need Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrols are great for taking off road or just for you next family camping...

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2010 Toyota Auto Hilux

superiour engineering stockist

2010 Toyota Auto Hilux Products used Power Curve Performance Custom ECU Tune Legendex 409 stainless exhaust system Legendex Throttle Controller   2010 Toyota Auto Hilux in for Legendex 3" exhaust, thrust monkey and Power Curve Ecu Tune.  The customer called during the week with great knowledge and experience with performance. Owning a motor bike dyno he had a good concept on the dyno and sheet results.  The customer was pleased with the on road drive ability and noticeable power increase on the road.  This customers brief is purely a great reliable power upgrade for the 2010 Toyota Auto Hilux.  This is a vehicle he plans to own for some time to come.   2010 Toyota Auto Hilux Dyno Results It can be...

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Booloumba Creek

Booloumba creek, sunshine coast, camping, destinations, off road, 4x4, power curve performance

Boolumba Creek is yet another of the Sunshine Coast local treasures.  Located just minutes out of the tourist attraction of Kenilworth and its many highlights. The newly reinvented Kenilworth Bakery. Kenilworth cheese factory. Abundant national parks and 4wd adventure tracks. Unique speciality small business stores. Kenilworth is a small country town destination with many beautiful and breathtaking attractions. Booloumba Creek   Power Curve Performance est 2013 goal and aim is to see people enjoying Australia.  The Sunshine Coast is rich with close proximity destinations.  Booloumba creek is one of the most popular of these natural beauties.   A short distance from the township of Kenilworth the drive is 99% sealed roads.  Once you take the Booloumba creek turn off the picturesque drive...

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2015 79 Series ECU Tune

2015 79 Series, awesome vehicles and completely transformed driveability with some quality components, Legendex thrust monkey and 3" stainless exhaust system, Direction Plus fuel filter and Provent 200 catch can, and PowerCurve ECU tune, completely different car to drive with 100% improvement in power and torque at 2000rpm!!! Local to the Sunshine Coast, the above 2015 79 Series Landcruiser presented to us for some reliable upgrades. Best care has been taken of the 79 Series over the past few years.  The owner plans on keeping the Landcruiser for some time to come.  Having done his research and speaking to others who have Power Curve Performance care for their vehicles the owner knew what was required in the likes of a tune.  ...

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ZD30 Direct Injection ECU Tune

ZD30 DI ECU Tune Power Curve Performance, dyno tuning, diesel performance, tuning engines not dynos, Direct injection, Superior Engineering.

ZD30 Direct Injection ECU Tune ZD30 Di in for Ecu tune, had a DP chip fitted, made an improvement with the chip but AFR and EGTs are concerning for the power level, some good tuning resulted in near factory AFR and nice power/torque gains. To date the only Performance location on the Sunshine Coast to offer ZD30 Direct injection tuning via an ECU tune.  Power Curve Performance are master ECU Tuners for these engines. Customers who own a ZD30 DI are understanding of the engine they own and its abilities.  For most looking for additional touring power, the availability of the ECU Tune is welcomed. Displayed in the dyno sheet above you can see the standard horsepower of 9805.  The engine...

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4X4 Suspension

superior engineering, sunshine coast, 4x4 suspension, patrol

Power Curve Performance is one few Superior engineering dealers in Australia.  Power Curve Performance now offers a large range of 4x4 Suspension kits. Not only do we sell Superior Engineering brand but we also stock and distribute a complete range of 4X4 parts and 4WD accessories from other leading brands such as AmadaXtreme, ProFender, EFS, Bilstein, Tough Dog, Dobinsons, AirBag Man, Lucas Oils, Toyota Genuine Parts, Nissan Genuine Parts, Goat Built, Outback Armour, TREDs, GoPro and more. Even with such a massive range, we still ensure that the products we sell are of the highest standard... selling only the top brands and best quality items available on the market. 4x4 Suspension Kits Air bags Bushes Coil Spacers/strut spacers Coil Springs Leaf...

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Ford Ranger Tune Package

Ford Ranger Tune Package Ford Ranger Tune Package booked from the Sunshine Coast Home, Caravan and Camping Show 2017.  The opted package for this customer needed to suit his Oceans Fencing business.  Oceans fencing use the Ford Ranger as a tow trade vehicle.  The Ford Ranger Tune Package that best suited the customer included. Ford Ranger Tune Package Power Curve Performance ECU Tune Legendex 409 stainless 3" exhaust system Legendex Thrust Monkey Throttle Controller Direction plus Ford Ranger Catch can and Fuel filter kit. Retirement The Ford Ranger is set for its busy trade life for the next few years.  At this point, the owners will be using it as do the Power Curve Performance team as a caravan...

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Cania Gorge Big 4

Cania George Big 4, Legendex Off-Road-Armour – Rock-Sliders, ECU tune, sunshine coast dyno tuning, power curve performance, Nambour mechanical, 4wd upgrades modification, turbo upgrades, injector upgrades, duramax conversions, nissan tune, ECU Tune, Diesel Tune, Duramax, Allison six speed auto installations

Cania Gorge Big 4   Cania Gorge Big 4 is located about an hours drive from the township of Monto.  Over the Queens Birthday long weekend, the Power Curve Performance team took the Ford Ranger on a journey to Central QLD.  Monto has a long history for the family as we have lived in the area for a vast period of both of our lives.  Cania Gorge Big 4 is a holiday destination for families.  The park boasts a large variety of attractions including it's much loved water park.   BIG4 Cania Gorge Holiday Park is the ideal location to bring the kids for a week or a weekend. Attractions include frizbie golf, water playground, three swimming pools and two jumping...

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4WD Action – Get more power from your diesel

4wd upgrades, power curve performance, 4wd action, legendex, ecu tuning, diesel power upgrades, diesel chip tuning, Duramax, Allison six speed auto installations

4WD Action - Get more power from your diesel 4WD Action - Get more power from your diesel article this month is an interesting read.  It raises a few good points in relation to diesel power performance. Don't put up with sluggish performance in an age where the aftermarket industry is teeming with fantastic products. The quest for more power, off road down low torque and towing power is a first response point for the everyday 4WD owner. 4WD Action hit the nail on the head when they say "Anyone can turn the fuel up on a motor til the pistons melt, or crank up the boost til it spits head gaskets.  The real trick to getting more power out...

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Legendex Exhaust Installation

Legendex Exhaust Installation, sunshine coast dyno tuning, power curve performance, Nambour mechanical, 4wd upgrades modification, turbo upgrades, injector upgrades, duramax conversions, nissan tune, ECU Tune, Diesel Tune

        Legendex Exhaust Installation Legendex Exhaust Installation is a hot topic in the Australian 4wd market at the current time and point.  With the team from Legenxed located not an hour from the Power Curve Performance work shop.  Legendex Exhausts are investing quality time into sharing their product.  Through 4wd action to the Australian market, the product is becoming a house hold name. Power Curve performance continues to bring Sunshine Coast customers the tunes they require for their Direct injection and common rail 4wds.   Reliable ECU Tuning Reliable ECU Tuning is a reputation Power Curve Performance has self-generated.  ZD30 tuning previously highly untouched by the Australian tuning market is now common with the Power Curve Performance...

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