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Plymouth Duster

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John first met us with TNT at the Glasshouse Mountains Australia Day dyno event.  Since that time we have been servicing some of his toys and keeping them at peak performance.  Sadly it is time to say goodbye to Johns ownership of TNT as it goes to a new home.   John has not turned his back on his back on his passion for the classic car.  Far from it, he has purchased a beautiful Plymouth Duster!  Astheticly and visibly they Mopar is a beautiful purchase.  As with a vehicle of age, an 1975 duster things get a little dusty....     John was experiencing an extremely frustrating vibration in the vehicle.   Unfortunately for John, the vibration was coming from multiple areas....

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DPF Failure

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DPF Failure         DPF Failure now the DPF have been in many types of diesel for some time is a new problem for the owner. Unaware of what a DPF or Diesel particulate filter is? DPF is a filter located in your exhaust system.  Most countries worldwide have placed these in place as a legal solution to control emissions. The job of the DPF is to catch the regular soot that was expelled from your exhaust into a honeycomb type filtration system.  The design of the filtration system is that once the filter gets to a point the system will heat to a very high temperature. The dense soot that we visibly see is broken down to a very small...

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ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol

ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol, 140k service, Intake pipe mod, HPD boost control, and ECU tune with 20psi

ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Services Provided ECU Tune New vehicle service and check Install HPD Boost Controller Install intake pipe mod ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol is a new purchase for our regular customer.  Unfortunately his last Nissan Patrol was lost to a rollover.  There was no question that the owner was to buy another.  The second that a Power Curve Performance service, check over and  ECU tune.  Missing his ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol the thought of driving the new purchase un tuned was a problem he needed quickly rectified.   Install intake pipe mod ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Dyno Results   Customers next project for his ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrol...

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Corvette tune up

Steve's Corvette in for a tune up and change tappet covers over to stop rockers hitting them, not been running right for ages, missed at light throttle and was pinging under load, all comes down to good tuning it's not all about power!! Corvette tune up A new to you purchase can end in heartache for too many. A tune for a classic vehicle may be the last thing required on the to do list.  Not always on the want list but the must do. Remember most classics such as a Corvette are not everyday drivers.  Classics can be stored for years or only driven on the weekends an sit at car shows and events.  The advantage of a clean...

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Replacement turbo

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Replacement turbo for a kun26 Hilux after a clear indication of foreign material has passed through the old unit damaging the VNT mechanism.   Strip and clean turbocharger. All components are precisely cleaned before being measured to OE specs. All turbocharger parts are measured including bearing and seal journals, compressor and turbine wheel dimensions, housing bores, bearings, collars and seal rings. The wheels are then balanced via the balancing system. The turbine and compressor wheels are balanced separately. After this they are balanced together as one common rotating assembly, lastly, the CHRA is VSR balanced. The whole process is balanced to better OE specs. The turbocharger is then reassembled using all new parts. All bot holes, threads, fittings, gasket surfaces...

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Honey the rats ate my wiring

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Honey the rats ate my wiring Toney from True Line smash repairs a few doors down from Power Curve Performance had Monday issues with his wifes Rav 4. Toney often does a lot of his own work on the family vehicles.  Toney drove her Rav 4 to work and back with the check engine light on.  She bought it up with Toney who was non-pleased the distance she had driven in this state.  With the wife driving his commodore Toney had no time to fix the vehicle himself. A check engine light can vary from a multitude of issues not necessarily as we may first hope (no not my engine.)  This can make it time-consuming and difficult for even the best home DIY.   Back to work opting to walk and calm down after his frustration with his personal...

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Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel Filter Replacement, 200 series Landcruiser service, sunshine coast, superior engineering, nambour mechanic, Power Curve Performance, 200 series landcruiser exhaust system, ECU Tune, Sunshine Coast dyno tuning, 6.6 Duramax Allison conversion,

Fuel Filter Replacement   Fuel Filter Replacement is an overlooked aspect of a service.  Modern common rail diesel service intervals even exclude the mechanical basics of fuel filter replacement. The outcome is vehicles that are just out of warranty coming to us for a service.  The customer is experiencing lack of power and hesitations.  The top image is of a 200 series Landcruiser.  The owner tows a large van.  Yesterday the 200 series was booked in for a fuel filter, secondary fuel filter upgrade and ECU tune for towing. To the owners' knowledge, the fuel filter had never been replaced and he was shocked to see the outcome. The mazda above is owned by our friend Miss JAC Photography.  The...

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Vehicle Peak Performance

vehicle peak performance, mazdasunshine coast dyno tuning, power curve performance, Nambour mechanical, 4wd upgrades modification, turbo upgrades, injector upgrades, duramax conversions, nissan tune, ECU Tune, Diesel Tune, Duramax, Allison six speed auto installations

Vehicle Peak Performance The everyday performance of your vehicle is much more than dyno tuning and exciting upgrades.  Just like getting enough exercise and putting the right foods in your body, your vehicle is much the same.  A first visit with the Power curve Performance team having the Mazda at its vehicle peak performance was a no question for the owner.  Days from opening a much-requested cake shop right here in Nambour the owner has no time for an underperforming vehicle.   Opening a business leaves little to the mind other than the task at hand.  A kind and assisting friend recommended and even made the booking for the Mazdas mechanical service.  On delivery, it was expressed to the team the...

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If I Supply My Own Parts It Will Be Cheaper

supply my own parts the ugly truth, performance sunshine coast dyno tuning, power curve performance, Nambour mechanical, 4wd upgrades modification, turbo upgrades, injector upgrades, duramax conversions, nissan tune, ECU Tune, Diesel Tune

Supply my own parts   In a world of information and ready advisory assistance, it often seems logical for customers to "supply my own parts". Buying secondhand or near new from Facebook, eBay, Gumtree or a large distributor has become a common trend. While so often a great option the 70% of customers we see who supply their own parts things go horribly wrong. We are all guilty or taking the questionable option to save a dollar. Face it money doesn't grow on trees and feels it's becoming harder to come by.   A sad story We spent a couple of consecutive days with another mechanic shop on an unrelated project.  One of the trained mechanics was leaving Friday afternoon for...

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A week at Power Curve Performance

exhausts, nissan service, turbo, intercooler, zd30, navara, 200 series landcruiser, sunshine coast dyno tuning, power curve performance, Nambour mechanical, 4wd upgrades modification, turbo upgrades, injector upgrades, duramax conversions, nissan tune, ECU Tune, Diesel Tune

A week at Power Curve Performance.   Commonly asked what we do at Power Curve Performance.  Here is an over view of the past week to give you an idea.   Monday is always the busy day getting ready for a big week: We had the EJ arrive for a custom set of extractors to suit the 304 v8 that has installed and tail shaft made to suit the ve rear end, will be very tight getting around all the sub frames and under body!! Dodge Ram in for running rough and general check over for its new life as a work truck. Nissan Patrol TD42 ute in for a general check over service and valve set. Mitsubishi GT3000 that has...

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