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Why a service is more than just an oil and filter change

MECHANICAL SERVICE, Power Curve Performance,

Power Curve Performance located in Burnside Sunshine Coast Nambour are a little bit different to your run of the mill mechanic.  The service our team offer are broader than a general mechanic.  Power Curve Performance offer suspension, performance upgrades, dyno tuning, GVM upgrades and much more.  This means Power Curve Performance also see a lot of people doing their own work on their vehicle.  Often we have customers who are confused as to the condition of their vehicle regarding maintenance when they service their own car.  This can often be confused with people assuming a service is just an oil and filter change.  Previously when performing a suspension upgrade we informed a customer we noted his brakes where metal on...

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Direction-Plus PreLine – how it works

Jump on any facebook group or forum and at some point, you will hear someone ask about an additional fuel filter.  Power Curve Performance requires a system that is also able to work alongside our engine performance upgrades.  Setting a standard of performance is not just a fast car it is a vehicle that consistently performs. For this reason, we use Direction-Plus PreLine - how it works and an explanation of the dual layer media that is at the heart of why it is so effective separating water.   In the early years of mechanics, a technician is educated about the components of diesel and its tendency to attract water.  Additionally, many Power Curve Performance clients are looking to upgrade or create reliability...

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A minute with Emma

Emma Power Curve Performance, Nambour mechanic

Beside every great man there is a great woman.. or so the story kind of goes.  In the case of Power Curve Performance, that woman is Emma.  While her husband Patricks profile has risen on the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide so has the woman by his side.  Emma is the driving force behind the business this Patrick holding the passion to the talent to make the unachievable work.  We sat down with her today to find out a little more about why she loves living in this male-driven industry. A minute with Emma Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to talk to us today Emma.  Power Curve Performance has grown so much in the past few years here in...

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superior engineering, sunshine coast, 4x4 suspension, patrol

Lost of people will look at a mechanic bill after their visit and say wow I was expecting that to be a $330 service, they stung me. Why did they charge me $900!!  One of the biggest misunderstood components in the automotive/ customer industry is the difference between a mechanical service v repair. A service is a checklist in your log book. The parts that should be repaired, replaced and checked as they wear over the life of the vehicle. Repair items are items that occur due to additional elements. Items such as tyre wear maybe due to living in an area with a lot of roundabouts. Air filters needing an additional change after a 4x4 trip. The two processes...

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Camaro miss fire

Camaro miss fire, Power Curve Performance

Camaro presented to our team with a miss fire and running extremely rough.  Thought naturally is that the customer expected some serious issues with this vehicle.  The Camaro also showed numerous codes also including abs faults. A little investigation bought us to a seemingly unlikely single fix for the whole issue.  Spark pulgs have in the past been the single contributing fault to the above issue. Once the new spark plugs where installed the Camaro came to life.  On a test drive the power was unbelievable.  Simple small part made such a difference to the Camaros on road performance as if someone had unhooked a semi trailer from the rear of the vehicle.   The owner had thought possible tune and who knows how many...

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ECU File Kills Navara

ECU File Kills Navara, Power Curve Performance,

Power Curve Performance pride themselves on quality outcomes for customers and vehicles.  We highly support our own ECU Tune abilities with a long line of happy customers and reliable vehicles.  Often we will be presented with vehicles from other previous sources with an undesired tune that we are requested to resolve.  For our latest customer, the previous ECU File has resulted in a world of headaches prior to it being delivered to us. In fact the ECU File kills Navara is the sad result. Back Story The Navara was booked in for an ECU Tune after having a new engine installed and injectors.  We were made aware that the engine was experiencing some additional smoke and a rattle on startup. ...

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Michaels’ new Commodore

Buying a nice new to you car is a big deal to you.  Time money and investment into the new vehicle it is extremely important to ensure your investment with a good check over and service.  Michaels' new Commodore has had the kings treatment a full detail tidy up to make it his own.  Power Curve Performance has run the new Commodore on the dyno to see what power the vehicle is producing.  This figure is above the level expected from a standard Commodore.  This confirms the point that the customer was looking at given that the seller stated the vehicle has a chip of some form.     New vehicle service Checking over your new vehicle is a sure...

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Log book stamps

log book servicing, power curve performance, sunshine coast, mechanical service

The mechanical industry in our forums, industry magazines etc are chatting about the damage of incorrect log book stamps and its effects for both customer and industry.  Maybe its mechanics trying to compete with the big dealers and cap price servicing for work.  Customers with a higher cost of living unable to afford the inflated cost of newer vehicles and compensating parts.  Could it just be incorrect service procedures and cutting corners.  All of the above, more or just something to blame. This does not help if you buy a vehicle with the pre belief is a has a good service history due to log book stamps. What do you mean by log book stamps? What is the issue? Driving...

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Nissan Patrol RD28

Nissan Patrol Superior

Josh came to us with a list from a mechanic and a goal for his Nisan Patrol RD28.  No one would help him, and he is moving to Sydney for a year once his car can take on the journey.  He had the finance, maybe it was his age or this massive list he was trying to get fixed but no one would help.  This alone sparked our interest so we took a look. customer concern please fix steering and engine- first bonnet scoop in rear - not worrying about this due to time unless easy enough to fit power steering belt worn/ slipping missing driver seat bolt power steering pump leaking snycro for 3rd worn head gasket leaking ac...

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Blown headlight

Blown Head Light

Wow have you ever had a headlight bulb that looks like this?  The water caused the blown head light in the Nissan Patrol and sparked some great facebook diagnosis from our followers. Glass half full, hit a vulcan, Hulk jizz, wrong type of headlight fluid, 10 ways kale can improve your well being all some of the fun (not real) causes for the issue.   Blown headlight Having seen us on facebook and following our page Mitch has been looking for a new local mechanic.  When he rung the team I was not aware of his glass half full head light however able to replace his headlights with supplied Angel lights.  As an imported after market item they are not...

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