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Camaro miss fire

Camaro miss fire, Power Curve Performance

Camaro presented to our team with a miss fire and running extremely rough.  Thought naturally is that the customer expected some serious issues with this vehicle.  The Camaro also showed numerous codes also including abs faults. A little investigation bought us to a seemingly unlikely single fix for the whole issue.  Spark pulgs have in the past been the single contributing fault to the above issue. Once the new spark plugs where installed the Camaro came to life.  On a test drive the power was unbelievable.  Simple small part made such a difference to the Camaros on road performance as if someone had unhooked a semi trailer from the rear of the vehicle.   The owner had thought possible tune and who knows how many...

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Mazda 6 Service

Mazda 6 service, Sunshine Coast, Power Curve Performance, Nambour, mechanic, tyres, battery,, brakes, brake pads, service, oil, filter

Mazda 6 Service and Power Curve Performance are not two things people often associate.  The Mazda 6 Service belongs to the wife of the owner of two cars we care for you may know.  Looking back through our blogs the Plymouth Duster and grocery getter Chrysler are regular vehicles in the workshop.  The owner a local business owner here in Nambour.  They have owned the Mazda 6 for 6 months and its ready for a service. All in all John is as well attuned to buying a good car as making a diamond ring.  This Mazda 6 looks to be well serviced and cared for.  John is very busy at this point in time and an unreliable care is not on the cards.  Often hard but...

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How to Measure a Shock Absorber

HyperFlex Radius Arms - Available Now, Power Curve Performance, Superior Engineering

Why? The correct measurement of your shock absorbers is important to allow full flex of your vehicle and to reduce damage and wear to the shocks. HOW TO GET THE BEST RESULTS? In order to get the proper lengths for your shock absorber, it is vital that you flex your vehicle to maximum articulation, which will require the removal of the factory shocks. PHASE ONE: MEASURE THE VEHICLE Step 1 Remove the shock absorbers from your four wheel drive vehicle. Step 2 Flex up the vehicle to achieve maximum articulation. This will provide one side of the vehicle with full compression and allow the opposite side of the vehicle to reach the full extended height. Hot Tip: If you do...

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Commodore Oil

The owner of this Commodore has done everything possible to have it running at peak performance. The booking was for a cold start tune and oil light issues. Moving from NSW to QLD meant a new tuner, mechanic etc. The owner has a fresh built top end and cam. Every invoice and service history was provided. The owner had previously even supplied his own high quality oil for the past mechanics to service it with. (Oil supplied was top end) We confirmed the ECU was unlocked prior to booking. On arrival, we found the ECU was locked. Understandably the owner was frustrated that his standard ECU had been locked unbeknown to him. Unlocked and cold start resolved the oil switch...

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Turbo Charged Engine

Dyno tune, holley, turbo, Petrol, Sunshine Coast, commodore, red, performance

The Clubsport has been tuned inhouse prior by our team.  Back in for a  dyno tune, now Turbo Charged Engine.  A tune alone is not always the answer to make the vehicle drive, idle and start correctly.  Once on the dyno, the Clubsport was found to have standard injectors fitted and Boost rising past 16psi.  New injectors where ordered and the commodore rebooked to replace injectors with 1000cc and remove the waste gate and remove one spring to allow 9psi of boost.  The injection issue for the now Turbo Charged Engine was rectified. The Commodore was re dynoed engine, found to have inconsistent readings and engine operation, and a strange miss.  The next step was to remove spark plugs and change...

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The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon, superior engineering supsension, power curve performance, sunshine coast, 4wd performance, diesel ecu tuning, towing performance, nissan patrol

When Jesse started with Power Curve Performance he and The Red Dragon knew in the back of their mind she would be modified.  When you see the dyno rollers push out happy results for customers and you have a turbo sitting in your cupboard you have always just wanted to use the modification bug is catching. Who is Jesse and The Red Dragon Jesse came on board with the Power Curve Performance team earlier this year.  Jesse has a reputation as one of the best mechanics Nambour has to offer.  His interest in 4x4 and suspension and his professional manner make him a perfect match for the team.  Jesse has not done a load of performance work in the past...

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Suzuki Mighty Boy

dyno tune, I owned one of these, classic, , front wheel drive, Japanese, Power Curve Performance, , Suzuki , Suzuki Mighty Boy

Suzuki surprised the motor industry world when it released the Suzuki Mighty Boy.  The Japanese are not new to the different and unusual and it seems much of Australia didn't mind it either.  For a little 3 cylinder ute the versatility of the tray is still a mystery to me.  The practicality post tune as two of our mechanics squeezed into the cab of the sporty little coupe utility was unclear. Tuning the Suzuki Mighty Boy Adding a turbo to the Mighty Boy the owner required a tune and the 3 cylinder mighty boy impressed with 67.8HP.  The only real hurdle the Power Curve Team came across was productivity.  Everywhere we went to test drive the Might Boy people would stop us.  I...

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Excel Track Car

Excel track car, Power curve Performance, Dyno runs, Race car, Dyno tune, Power Curve Performance, sunshine coast, mechanic, suspension

Hyundai Excels are making a come back and are hard to get your hands on.  The excel track car is a very popular race track choice.  Hyundai Excel was Emmas first car and was a perfect little get around car.  Can definitely see why they would make a great track option. This Excel has been to us prior for cam adjustment/ tune up.  A race or track car can require the slightest minor adjustments for a specific race or track.  The way the engine starts and runs often does not matter as much as the way it performs on that track.  It is ok to sacrifice a clean smooth start-up and idle if this interferes with the response out of tight corners...

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Plymouth Duster

carbie tuning, sunshine coast, classic cars, show car, sunshine coast car show, Nambour, Power Curve Performance, mopar

John first met us with TNT at the Glasshouse Mountains Australia Day dyno event.  Since that time we have been servicing some of his toys and keeping them at peak performance.  Sadly it is time to say goodbye to Johns ownership of TNT as it goes to a new home.   John has not turned his back on his back on his passion for the classic car.  Far from it, he has purchased a beautiful Plymouth Duster!  Astheticly and visibly they Mopar is a beautiful purchase.  As with a vehicle of age, an 1975 duster things get a little dusty....     John was experiencing an extremely frustrating vibration in the vehicle.   Unfortunately for John, the vibration was coming from multiple areas....

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Harrop release TVS2650 Supercharger Kit

Harrop release TVS2650 Supercharger Kit Harrop has expanded its existing range of Australian engineered and manufactured Supercharger Kits to include the largest, most-efficient rotating group ever produced by Eaton, the TVS2650. As a master distributor of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products. Harrop is proud to release the first Australian Supercharger system featuring TVS2650 technology to suit LS3, LS7 port shape engine combinations with LSA coming soon. Harrop release TVS2650 Supercharger Kit.  Harrop FDFI Superchargers feature extensive upgrades to the cooling system, to ensure optimum thermal efficiency with the inclusion of twin pass intercooler cores in the manifold integrated with a front mount radiator and high flow Bosch intercooler pump. The improved intercooler system provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to...

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