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2006 ZD30 ECU Tune

2006 Nissan Patrol ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast

Todays 2006 ZD30 ECU Tune comes to Power Curve Performance from Brisbane.  Making the journey to our Nambour Sunshine Coast location for the power upgrade. The vehicle has been upgraded substantially with an exhaust, upgraded intercooler, catch can and more.  The vehicle not only underpowered and experiencing limp mode.  Limp mode is best described as a state a vehicle turns to so you can safely get home if the ECU believes there is an issue with the way it runs.   Limp mode or get home mode is common in un ECU Tuned Nissan Patrol zd30 4x4s.  Limp mode fault creates an unreliable outcome for the owner. 2006 ZD30 ECU Tune Power Curve Performance resolves the power frustration of the 2006 ZD30 with...

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2015 ZD30 CR Auto Nissan Patrol

2015 ZD30 CRD Auto Nissan Patrol

There are many modification options out there for the 2015 ZD30 CR Auto Nissan Patrol.  Fortunately, Power Curve Performance provide the Sunshine Coast with a one stop 4x4 centre.  We can provide it all from servicing, a vast range of suspension, exhausts, snorkels and performance upgrade packages. Enhancing power in a diesel is much more achievable than a petrol. For the below, we have upgraded the exhaust to a Legendex. This is Australia's toughest 3" stainless off-road exhaust system, in fact the only exhaust with an off-road warranty. Legendex delivers serious grunt & rumble. That means a more efficient engine for extended engine life, fuel economy and more power, especially when combined with a Power Curve Performance ECU Tune- and, of course, that...

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TD42 Power to be had

TD42 Power to be had, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune, Nissan, Patrol, Suspension, Dyno tuning

Sometimes its best to get everything done all at once in hindsight.  Last week a gentleman came to Power Curve Performance with his slightly modified TD42.  Years ago he had slightly upgraded his turbocharger and his intercooler.  After this point, he had always meant to tune the vehicle and had not got to the project.  After years of waiting was there TD42 Power to be had?   TD42 Power to be had We speak to many customers who buy brand new diesel or new to them diesel and wonder if a tune is good value and if they should wait?  There is two reasons not to tune your diesel.  1. Give it two months so you get a feel for the vehicle...

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2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune

2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune looking at increasing the power and reliability of the engine.  As a standard upgrade on these vehicles a roof rack, bullbars, and accessories you are pulling power from the vehicle.   The Nissan Patrol is well known as a great tow vehicle.  Increasing the power in these makes them a pleasure to drive and tow with.   2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune v Chip Why should I ECU Tune v chip? Is panadol the best treatment for a broken arm? Well yes it will help reduce the pain but will it resolve the issue long term? No. You also can not be sure of what further damage you may cause.  A chip can be the same in...

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Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018

Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018 booked as a working weekend social meet up with Superior Engineering.  If this is working than we are happy to work 24/7! All bar one of our team made the weekend away to Landcruiser Mountain Park May Weekend 2018.  Jesse with the turbo TB45 Nissan Patrol. Patrick and Emmas sad goodbye to their sold TD42 auto converted TI Nissan Patrol.  Isacc in his stock standard Triton our first year apprentice. Landcruiser Mountain Park Landcruiser Mountain Park is the perfect playground from mild to wild 4x4.  Yes it is open again. After a few years of closure and all kinds of stuff going on it is great news for all of us on the Sunshine Coast...

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Top Tips Pre ECU Tune

Power Curve Performance Power Couple Dyno Tuning Sunshine Coast Power Curve Snapback Hat sunshine coast dyno tuning power curve performance Nambour mechanical 4wd upgrades modification turbo upgrades injector upgrades duramax conversions nissan tune ECU Tune Diesel Tune

Many of us know the benefits, on road results and gains of an ECU Tune.  The information is more readily available to us.  If you don't know that's fine too we are more than happy to discuss the upgrade with you.  For those who have done the research and have made the booking here are some of our Top Tips Pre ECU Tune.  Some of these you can easily achieve your self-others we recommend being carried out by a professional depending on your knowledge and skill level.   The ECU Marathon Lets imagine you are going to enter into the Sunshine Coast marathon.  I don't matter if you are a little 2.2 or a big V8 if you are committing to marathon...

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2006 DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tune

zd30 di 2006 nissan patrol, dirrect injection, ECU Tuning, Power Curve Performance

Today Power Curve Performance is going to give you a look into the dyno cell as our in-house calibrator performs a 2006 DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tune.  The customer has spent the Easter weekend with the family on the beach.  Taking an additional day off work the family extended the stay to have the family DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tuned with the team.  No major complaints to be had with the 2006 DI Nissan Patrol.  Just awareness of the potential upgrades achievable through a custom ECU Tune. Click Below for your peek into the Power Curve Performance Dyno Cell 2006 DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tune Outcome Zacks Di Nissan Patrol had a little more standard power than some we have seen. ...

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What is the difference between a chip and an ECU Tune?

2012 Nissan Patrol ZD30 CR Auto

  What is the difference between a chip and an ECU Tune? One of the most asked questions of common rail 4x4 owners. Lets chat through some of the differences and look at why the owner of this 2012 Nissan Patrol ZD30 CR Auto replaced his chip with and ECU Tune. Diesel Performance Chips Diesel performance chips have been the best thing on the market since sliced bread.  A simple plug and play option with price tags from $50- $3000.  Pre ECU Tuning the diesel performance chip gave us an increase in power and torque.  For many the simple diy and visible product is still today a draw card than the unknown of the science behind the ECU tune. Diesel...

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Nissan Patrol RD28

Nissan Patrol Superior

Josh came to us with a list from a mechanic and a goal for his Nisan Patrol RD28.  No one would help him, and he is moving to Sydney for a year once his car can take on the journey.  He had the finance, maybe it was his age or this massive list he was trying to get fixed but no one would help.  This alone sparked our interest so we took a look. customer concern please fix steering and engine- first bonnet scoop in rear - not worrying about this due to time unless easy enough to fit power steering belt worn/ slipping missing driver seat bolt power steering pump leaking snycro for 3rd worn head gasket leaking ac...

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Blown headlight

Blown Head Light

Wow have you ever had a headlight bulb that looks like this?  The water caused the blown head light in the Nissan Patrol and sparked some great facebook diagnosis from our followers. Glass half full, hit a vulcan, Hulk jizz, wrong type of headlight fluid, 10 ways kale can improve your well being all some of the fun (not real) causes for the issue.   Blown headlight Having seen us on facebook and following our page Mitch has been looking for a new local mechanic.  When he rung the team I was not aware of his glass half full head light however able to replace his headlights with supplied Angel lights.  As an imported after market item they are not...

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