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LOVELLS GVM UPGRADE SUITABLE FOR FORD RANGER PXII/MAZDA BT-50 4X4 1/12 ON 3500KG (OE 3200KG) POST REGISTRATION     The usable payload of many 4X4 vehicles today is minimal. Additional basic optional equipment and two or three adult male occupants will bring the vehicle close to its legal maximum weight (GVM) in many cases. Add long range fuel tanks, bull bars, winches, side steps, roof racks, recovery gear and a payload of camping equipment or an industrial type custom body and the vehicle will ultimately exceed the Original Equipment allowable Gross Vehicle Mass. Original Equipment suspension is designed for comfort above all other considerations, thus load carrying and performance can be compromised. Whereas, Lovells design suspension systems with matched components...

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BT50 Travel Power Upgrade

Glen is ready to hit the road and see the great country we call home, Australia.  He has had the age old debate with himself.  Do I upgrade to a new vehicle or keep the one Im happy with?  Hes keeping the dual cab with the addition of a BT50 travel power upgrade.   Glen has previously had the automatic transmission upgraded.  This weekend is the beginning of his camping adventures.  Power Curve Performance with our reach and reputation was Glens choice for the Bt50 Travel Power Upgrade.  Glen and Emma spent a fair time going over his best options.  This biggest issue Glen found is there is very little off the shelf BT50 travel power upgrade options for his Mazda. Mazda BT50...

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3013 BT50 auto ECU Tune

3013 BT50 auto ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance

3013 BT50 auto ECU Tune is a sure way to gain back power lost when adding extras to your 4x4.  Buying a BT50 is the starting point. Getting it to suit your needs is the project.  Are you a tradesman needing to tow a trailer or custom canopy.  Maybe you want to hit a few tracks on the weekend so you add suspension, bull bar, winch, rockslides, beer mates etc. Whatever your situation is these upgrades add weight which robs power. Bt50 diet A common misconception is that you can add anything to your 4x4 and the ECU Tune will compensate for the weight. Let's break this down father and 8yr old son.  Both able and healthy standing at the...

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Top Tips Pre ECU Tune

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Many of us know the benefits, on road results and gains of an ECU Tune.  The information is more readily available to us.  If you don't know that's fine too we are more than happy to discuss the upgrade with you.  For those who have done the research and have made the booking here are some of our Top Tips Pre ECU Tune.  Some of these you can easily achieve your self-others we recommend being carried out by a professional depending on your knowledge and skill level.   The ECU Marathon Lets imagine you are going to enter into the Sunshine Coast marathon.  I don't matter if you are a little 2.2 or a big V8 if you are committing to marathon...

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Superior Chassis Repair Plates

Some IFS Utes are known to have a weakness in the chassis that can cause them to bend and in the worst cases crack when towing or carrying even moderate loads. These failures can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken vehicle. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Superior Engineering has designed a chassis strengthening brace to alleviate the stress on the weakest part of the chassis. These braces are laser cut for a precise fitment with clearance for welding to the chassis. Available for vehicles: ·  Toyota Hilux Vigo ·  Toyota Hilux Revo ·  Mitsubishi ML/MN Triton ·  Mitsubishi MQ Triton ·  Nissan NP300 Navara ·  Nissan D40 Navara ·  Holden Colorado & Isuzu D-Max...

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2015 BT50 ECU Tune

Eli is getting his 2015 BT50 ECU Tune and a few other accessories ready for his next trip.  Towing a large van and enjoying his retirement it is important.  The booking was made for an ECU Tune, Genie exhaust and catch can install. Mazda BT50 Catch Can The Mazda BT50 had a pre fitted fuel manager fuel filter and the addition of the catch can it the perfect mix for a safe and reliable engine. Direction Plus ProVent oil separator kits protect your modern diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system. By not fitting a Direction Plus ProVent system, it is likely that your engine will experience...

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