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Air is the cheapest thing you can put in your car.

Air is the cheapest thing you can put in your car but is something often overlooked. Have you gone into your mechanic for another service and again you are due for new tyres or you've noticed your using more fuel than usual?  But I only just replaced my tyres!! Air is free (for now) at all service stations and it is a great idea to check your tyre pressures often.   Tyre Pressure Tyre pressure can make a big difference to your vehicle no matter what make or model.  Tyre pressure when set at the right amount can effet. Tyre wear General driving comfort Punctures Fuel economy Grip on the road Handling Traction ie in water   How do you...

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A minute with Emma

Emma Power Curve Performance, Nambour mechanic

Beside every great man there is a great woman.. or so the story kind of goes.  In the case of Power Curve Performance, that woman is Emma.  While her husband Patricks profile has risen on the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide so has the woman by his side.  Emma is the driving force behind the business this Patrick holding the passion to the talent to make the unachievable work.  We sat down with her today to find out a little more about why she loves living in this male-driven industry. A minute with Emma Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to talk to us today Emma.  Power Curve Performance has grown so much in the past few years here in...

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superior engineering, sunshine coast, 4x4 suspension, patrol

Lost of people will look at a mechanic bill after their visit and say wow I was expecting that to be a $330 service, they stung me. Why did they charge me $900!!  One of the biggest misunderstood components in the automotive/ customer industry is the difference between a mechanical service v repair. A service is a checklist in your log book. The parts that should be repaired, replaced and checked as they wear over the life of the vehicle. Repair items are items that occur due to additional elements. Items such as tyre wear maybe due to living in an area with a lot of roundabouts. Air filters needing an additional change after a 4x4 trip. The two processes...

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MECHANICAL SERVICE, Power Curve Performance,

The other day we touched on the difference between a mechanical service and repair. However many don't book a service based on a service schedule. They book based on an issue or concern that requires repair.   So how do you get the best outcome from your appointment? Don't be shy speak, show, explain! Tell the mechanic or admin about the concern or fault you have. The more information you give the better we can fix. If your car makes a noise that only occurs on the initial startup on a very cold morning and makes a whirring noise. It's likely you may experience this again after your appointment. It may be something even the best service advisor cannot locate,...

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Leave the beach behind

TD42 conversion beach diesel tune sunshine coast dyno tuning power curve performance Nambour mechanical 4wd upgrades modification turbo upgrades injector upgrades duramax conversions nissan tune ECU Tune Diesel Tune

Power Curve Performance tip: Leave the beach behind.  The Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas host some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.  For us this means we see a great number of locals utilising the destination with family and friends.  4x4 are an Australian way of life and very few Sunshine Coast vehicles have not ventured onto the beach.  The fall out we see in our work shop from this is sand and salt not being washed from these 4wds. DIY Tips for cleaning your 4WD Post trip Rust deterrent is a fantastic idea.  Not sure on how great the electric rust prevention measures honestly are but a fish oil base is a great deterrent for your vehicle. Always wash...

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Rear-Coil-Conversion-Flex, Power Curve Performance, Ford Ranger,

4WD Law QLD is a point of hot debate and concern for many QLD 4WD owners.  4WD upgrades, servicing and tuning is a focused stream for Power Curve Performance and as a result, we are experiencing first hand your concern.  So what is happening in our sunny state of QLD and what can you do about it. Operation Lift Operation lift we have been informed was a 3 day blitz on the Gold Coast focused on vehicles that do not meet the QLD code of practice vehicle modifications.  Now in version 3 February 2018.  Operation lift has pointed to code LS9 and LS10.  Even more specific vehicles equipt with ESC.  Although this is the report that the 3 day blitz is over we are...

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Diesel Particulate Filter

dpf failure, dpf solutions, Power Curve Performance, diesel performance, sunshine coast, ecu tuning, diesel chip, diesel performance, 4x4 service

"Does your vehicle have a Diesel Particulate Filter?" or DPF as we will call it, often leaves customers blank-faced.   For many, they are the new much-debated item in Australian vehicles.  The European vehicle industry, as well as trucks, have required this emission control unit for some time. What is a DPF? A DPF has been designed with the intention of changing the way exhaust gasses are expelled into the environment.  An emission controlled unit just like the exhaust gas recirculation unit that has been in diesel vehicles much longer than the DPF.  So if you imagine a DPF much like a catalytic converter or honeycomb.  The look of them is similar, the ideas is the diesel particulate matter or soot is captured in the compartments. ...

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79 Series Hill Test

Sunshine Coast, ECU tune, 79 Series Landcruiser, Toyota, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune

Facebook and the internet is full of information and dyno sheets on what horsepower and gains are expected from an ECU tune.  When we dyno tune any vehicle that is registered we take it for a before and after test drive.  This includes a rather steep incline in the area.  One of the team other than the tuner will take the vehicle on this drive to give an unbias opinion of the outcome.  If they dont like the outcome the tune will be re looked at.  One of these mechanics proposed taking this 79 Series Hill Test to show why he likes the process. On Road Test The on road test helps give us a better indication on the areas...

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Log book stamps

log book servicing, power curve performance, sunshine coast, mechanical service

The mechanical industry in our forums, industry magazines etc are chatting about the damage of incorrect log book stamps and its effects for both customer and industry.  Maybe its mechanics trying to compete with the big dealers and cap price servicing for work.  Customers with a higher cost of living unable to afford the inflated cost of newer vehicles and compensating parts.  Could it just be incorrect service procedures and cutting corners.  All of the above, more or just something to blame. This does not help if you buy a vehicle with the pre belief is a has a good service history due to log book stamps. What do you mean by log book stamps? What is the issue? Driving...

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MAXTRAX uses, power curve performance, 4x4, recovery, off road, superior engineering

Seen all the 4x4 getting around with the Baywatch board attached to various points of their 4x4?  No we don't have an influx of beach-ready lifesavers they are MAXTRAX.  MAXTRAX are a top choice of 4x4 recover. Today we are going to go through some of the top MAXTRAX Uses. Note Baywatch board look   MAXTRAX is the recommended brand for 4x4 recovery.  There are cheaper internet options available however if you are headed off road and think you may get stuck or need to use your recovery gear, don't skimp on safety for price. It may cost more than the price or $ you pay. MAXTRAX Technical info MAXTRAX is the lightweight, handy vehicle extraction device that fits in your 4WD ensuring...

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