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Michaels’ new Commodore

Buying a nice new to you car is a big deal to you.  Time money and investment into the new vehicle it is extremely important to ensure your investment with a good check over and service.  Michaels' new Commodore has had the kings treatment a full detail tidy up to make it his own.  Power Curve Performance has run the new Commodore on the dyno to see what power the vehicle is producing.  This figure is above the level expected from a standard Commodore.  This confirms the point that the customer was looking at given that the seller stated the vehicle has a chip of some form.     New vehicle service Checking over your new vehicle is a sure...

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Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia The Moment of Inertia of a non-point object is calculated by the formula: I = k x R2 x M (measured in kg m²) Where: M is the mass R is the radius of the object from the center of mass k is a dimensionless constant called the inertia constant that varies with the geometry of the object in consideration. For example k = 1 for a thin-walled cylinder around its center or k = ½ for a solid disc around its center. Decreased Weight The advantage of decreased weight is that you will achieve an incremental improvement in your vehicles power to weight ratio. The smaller diameter clutch is lighter even though an intermediate plate and...

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SUPERIOR ENGINEERING EXPLAINS HOW TO FIND OUT WHEN YOU SHOULD USE COIL OR STRUT SPACERS AND WHICH ONES YOU SHOULD BE USING! So why use coil spacers? Coil spacers are ideal for those who want a moderate increase in lift height, while maintaining near factory ride & handling for the least amount of money. They are also a great idea if you are looking to raise the height of your 4WD, but want to be sure about the extra height before plunging into the cost of a full suspension kit. For those of us with coil sprung solid axle vehicles the addition of a coil spring spacer can provide many benefits, such as compensating for uneven load distribution, spring settling and sagging. By simply...

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I got bogged on Inskip

I got bogged on Inskip, if you have not come across the facebook page take a look. 165,373 people like the facebook page and Im sure we see it so often as inskip beach is so local to us.  If you live in Perth or Sydney there has to be a location near you that reflects this page.  If you're not a Facebook follower the above clip shows a Nissan Patrol attempting to recover the dual cab out of the bog.  Unfortunately not using a rated recovery point the bar is pulled clear off the dual cab.  The video is amazing with the Nissan Patrol driver having a good laugh at maybe the luck of the situation. In all honesty, while his...

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Mantic 9000 Series

mantic 9000 series, holden, performance clutch, hsv, Power Curve Performance

Gavins clutch was on its way out, looking at the vehicle we can see why.  This black HSV Ute is immaculate and looks like it might be a little bit of FUN!  A performance level clutch is required for the package the VE is putting out and the Mantic 9000 Series is a great fit.  With the job complete and a few days out the door I chatted with Gavin today for some feedback and to insure he his happy with the choice.  Great feedback for the Mantic 9000 Series.  Gavin told me the clutch grabs very nicely and has a very near to standard pedal feel.  It is noticeably a performance clutch the feel is very good though.  Gavin highly...

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How to Measure a Shock Absorber

HyperFlex Radius Arms - Available Now, Power Curve Performance, Superior Engineering

Why? The correct measurement of your shock absorbers is important to allow full flex of your vehicle and to reduce damage and wear to the shocks. HOW TO GET THE BEST RESULTS? In order to get the proper lengths for your shock absorber, it is vital that you flex your vehicle to maximum articulation, which will require the removal of the factory shocks. PHASE ONE: MEASURE THE VEHICLE Step 1 Remove the shock absorbers from your four wheel drive vehicle. Step 2 Flex up the vehicle to achieve maximum articulation. This will provide one side of the vehicle with full compression and allow the opposite side of the vehicle to reach the full extended height. Hot Tip: If you do...

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Commodore Oil

The owner of this Commodore has done everything possible to have it running at peak performance. The booking was for a cold start tune and oil light issues. Moving from NSW to QLD meant a new tuner, mechanic etc. The owner has a fresh built top end and cam. Every invoice and service history was provided. The owner had previously even supplied his own high quality oil for the past mechanics to service it with. (Oil supplied was top end) We confirmed the ECU was unlocked prior to booking. On arrival, we found the ECU was locked. Understandably the owner was frustrated that his standard ECU had been locked unbeknown to him. Unlocked and cold start resolved the oil switch...

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Supercharged Kingswood

Supercharged Kingswood, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning,

Corey booked his newly Supercharged Kingswood in for a service a few months prior to Christmas.  Corey has been bringing the Kingswood to us for the past few years.  Each time he upgrades or changes the engine in any way he has religiously and happily bought the Kingswood back to the team for its tune from Maryborough. Corey is the first customer in the shop and every time he is back down from Maryborough the team enjoy a chat and a catch up.  Corey was late for his appointment and we thought this was odd but given the travel, interruptions occur.  Unfortunately, we received a very distressed phone call from Corey.  The newly Supercharged Kingswood as it was towed through the roadworks and had...

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Holden Colorado ECU Tune

Justins' Holden Colorado ECU Tune took place November 2016.  Justin lives in the Brisbane area and had been recommended to Power Curve Performance by a friend.  Over 12 months later I still recall Justin and my conversations.  Like many Justin probably questioned my understanding of his issue.  Justin loves his Holden Colorado and for all intents, in purpose, it is a great ute, 4x4 and family vehicle for him.  Justin just was not 100% happy.  The performance and lets say go of the Colorado just weren't matching the price tag.  Luckily for Justin, we had a simple solution and  to his surprise, the price tag was extremely competitive and great value for money.   Holden Colorado ECU Tune Justin and Emma over...

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Over 12 months later

over 12mths later, holden commodore, Power Curve Performance, full package

September last year Wayne came into the old Power Curve Performance workshop for a simple tune.  Coming from central Queensland he was in the area and decided to have his new holden commodore tuned.  Over 12 months later and a hell of a story later we are today working on Waynes next project.  Being he comes from Howard and left his Nissan Patrol with us for a few days work, the Commodore came down for a visit.   Over 12 months earlier Initially, in for a tune and dyno check, Patrick noticed the gearbox was just not right driving the car from park to the dyno.  Wayne was ok with things being checked out and unfortunately, a simple tune did not go to...

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