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TD42 Power to be had

TD42 Power to be had, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune, Nissan, Patrol, Suspension, Dyno tuning

Sometimes its best to get everything done all at once in hindsight.  Last week a gentleman came to Power Curve Performance with his slightly modified TD42.  Years ago he had slightly upgraded his turbocharger and his intercooler.  After this point, he had always meant to tune the vehicle and had not got to the project.  After years of waiting was there TD42 Power to be had?   TD42 Power to be had We speak to many customers who buy brand new diesel or new to them diesel and wonder if a tune is good value and if they should wait?  There is two reasons not to tune your diesel.  1. Give it two months so you get a feel for the vehicle...

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Family Beach Trip Parado

Toyota Prado Family Beach trip

Easter is two days away and many of us are planning to get away for the long weekend.  Having our own young children making the most of our time with them is important to us all.   The beach trip this easter is all set.   When Dan called the most important thing for him was gaining some more power to help make the crossing into the beach. Getting the family safely over that hurdle and into their weekend was the main goal.   The 1kz parado is pure ECU technology at this stage.   We can however offer a range of tunable chips to advertise great outcomes including getting us into the beach confidently. As well as a tune the team exchanged the parado exhaust out for a genie...

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What is the difference between a chip and an ECU Tune?

2012 Nissan Patrol ZD30 CR Auto

  What is the difference between a chip and an ECU Tune? One of the most asked questions of common rail 4x4 owners. Lets chat through some of the differences and look at why the owner of this 2012 Nissan Patrol ZD30 CR Auto replaced his chip with and ECU Tune. Diesel Performance Chips Diesel performance chips have been the best thing on the market since sliced bread.  A simple plug and play option with price tags from $50- $3000.  Pre ECU Tuning the diesel performance chip gave us an increase in power and torque.  For many the simple diy and visible product is still today a draw card than the unknown of the science behind the ECU tune. Diesel...

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DI Zd30 30+ injectors

DI Zd30 30+ injectors

2004 ZD30Di in for some 30+ injectors, already fitted with a upgraded turbo but was still limiting the full potential of the injectors, awesome improvement from just a tune, with a lot of potential for improvement!! Customer Concern: 2004 ZD30D having 30+ injectors, turbo upgrade and chip the goal was to remove limp mode and improve power. Power Curve Performance Resolution DI Zd30 30+ injectors With the DI Zd30 30+ injectors already in the vehicle it was established that the injectors that had been made for the vehicle did not give the desired result. Unfortunately the customer had to return North for work.  Taking our time to track down the orientation or the original DI Zd30 30+ injectors we spent hours with...

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TD42 Turbo

TD42 Nissan Patrol Turbo failed

Jesse and the red dragon are away on annual leave to the VIC high country for a few weeks.  At a glance, we were very concerned to see diesel internal version of a very similar looking TD42 Turbo Nissan Patrol.  Happy with the outcome that Jesse is still having a ball at the VIC high country and a good laugh we got onto the tuning process. Customer Concern Lack of bottom end power until 1800rpm- booked in for a tune to resolve. Power Curve Performance TD42 Turbo Tune After an initial check run, the customer concern of lack of bottom end power was easily identifiable.  Dyno dynamics dyno reflected the afr 15-1 and no boost until the 1800rpm indicating an issue of...

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Commodore Oil

The owner of this Commodore has done everything possible to have it running at peak performance. The booking was for a cold start tune and oil light issues. Moving from NSW to QLD meant a new tuner, mechanic etc. The owner has a fresh built top end and cam. Every invoice and service history was provided. The owner had previously even supplied his own high quality oil for the past mechanics to service it with. (Oil supplied was top end) We confirmed the ECU was unlocked prior to booking. On arrival, we found the ECU was locked. Understandably the owner was frustrated that his standard ECU had been locked unbeknown to him. Unlocked and cold start resolved the oil switch...

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Supercharged Kingswood

Supercharged Kingswood, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning,

Corey booked his newly Supercharged Kingswood in for a service a few months prior to Christmas.  Corey has been bringing the Kingswood to us for the past few years.  Each time he upgrades or changes the engine in any way he has religiously and happily bought the Kingswood back to the team for its tune from Maryborough. Corey is the first customer in the shop and every time he is back down from Maryborough the team enjoy a chat and a catch up.  Corey was late for his appointment and we thought this was odd but given the travel, interruptions occur.  Unfortunately, we received a very distressed phone call from Corey.  The newly Supercharged Kingswood as it was towed through the roadworks and had...

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TD42 check over

TD42 check over, service, dyno tune, upgrades Power Curve Performance

Wayne with the Commodore we have spoken about in the "over 12 months later" blog was here with his new vehicle for some maintenance.  The TD42 check over included a full service, upgraded diff and trans oils, Power Curve TD42 fan upgrade, and dyno tune.  Living north the TD42 was purchased here on the coast.  Having had experience with the Power Curve Performance team prior the TD42 check over was carried out with us.   Wayne will be using the TD as a travel car and has a few trips. The TD42 check over and service.  All air, oil, fuel filters were replaced.  It is very important to change your filters, the change in power, engine temperature and reliability can...

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Over 12 months later

over 12mths later, holden commodore, Power Curve Performance, full package

September last year Wayne came into the old Power Curve Performance workshop for a simple tune.  Coming from central Queensland he was in the area and decided to have his new holden commodore tuned.  Over 12 months later and a hell of a story later we are today working on Waynes next project.  Being he comes from Howard and left his Nissan Patrol with us for a few days work, the Commodore came down for a visit.   Over 12 months earlier Initially, in for a tune and dyno check, Patrick noticed the gearbox was just not right driving the car from park to the dyno.  Wayne was ok with things being checked out and unfortunately, a simple tune did not go to...

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Turbo Charged Engine

Dyno tune, holley, turbo, Petrol, Sunshine Coast, commodore, red, performance

The Clubsport has been tuned inhouse prior by our team.  Back in for a  dyno tune, now Turbo Charged Engine.  A tune alone is not always the answer to make the vehicle drive, idle and start correctly.  Once on the dyno, the Clubsport was found to have standard injectors fitted and Boost rising past 16psi.  New injectors where ordered and the commodore rebooked to replace injectors with 1000cc and remove the waste gate and remove one spring to allow 9psi of boost.  The injection issue for the now Turbo Charged Engine was rectified. The Commodore was re dynoed engine, found to have inconsistent readings and engine operation, and a strange miss.  The next step was to remove spark plugs and change...

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