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Colorado Big Boy Intercooler

Colorado Big Boy Intercooler, ECU Tune, Legendex, Diesel, Diesel Service, sunshine coast, Nambour, diesel exhausts

Colorado Big Boy Intercooler upgrade has been on the cards for some time for this Colorado.  Last in the Power Curve Performance work shop November 2016 from Ipswich.  November booking saw the Colorado in for a diesel performance ECU Tune.  The next upgrade on the dream list was the Lexendex Colorado Big Boy Intercooler.  Just prior to Christmas the standard factory Colorado Intercooler split and failed. Waiting to upgrade is an easy financial decision in the middle of summer with a damaged intercooler like this.  Although all legendex systems are self install compliant some variables occur.  The vehicle had the bull bar repaired and previously modified with a winch and some specific differences.   Installing new upgrades into a brand new vehicle is relatively...

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Air Bag, 4x4, Accessories, suspension, upgrade, Power Curve Performance

Air Bags are commonplace in most 4x4.  A must have accessory with suspension upgrades airbags allow you to fit a suspension kit that will ride level when towing or unloaded.  Often asked to install a lift with different levels.  This can create the nose or tail to sit up or down when unloaded.  Not only is this annoying to the eye and ride it is unsafe also. How do airbags work? Install airbags on your vehicle and you’ll be able to lift and level up a sagging rear end when towing caravans, boats, campervans and trailers or when carrying extra uneven loads. Airbags will give your vehicle the extra support needed in the suspension for more comfortable, economical and safer driving. Airbags...

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HyperFlex Radius Arms – Available Now

HyperFlex Radius Arms - Available Now, Power Curve Performance, Superior Engineering

Superior Engineering is proud to announce the release of the amazing new HyperFlex Radius Arms^. This is a Superior Engineering HyperFlex Hybrid Radius Arm with Drop Boxes to suit the Nissan Patrol GQ/GU. Superior Engineering is leading the way again with our latest radius arms design... the "HyperFlex Radius Arm". If one of the Patented Superflex was good, then why not run two and after some testing we are now proud to offer the HyperFlex Radius Arms. These arms don't just offer extreme levels of flex for the front of your Nissan patrol, they also handle extremely well on road. We have completed NCOP approval testing up to 110km/h, meaning the HyperFlex Radius Arms are legal* for use on-road throughout...

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Volkswagen Amarok Service

Volkswagen Amarok Service, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast, Nambour

Volkswagen Amarok Service in today for a lovely local family.  A well performing vehicle does not need to be owned by a car fanatic.  You do not have to fit this description to be our customer either.  Our children dance with the owner of this Volkswagen Amarok Service children.  Dave has no interest in what tyres, suspension or how much power his Volkswagen Amarok has.  However he is a very busy man not unlike many of our customers. Dave has a job that can see him doing regular trips to Brisbane and back in a suit and tye.  The fire warden for his local rural fire brigade and has fought the recent fires near the new Aura estate and Australia Zoo. ...

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TD42 check over

TD42 check over, service, dyno tune, upgrades Power Curve Performance

Wayne with the Commodore we have spoken about in the "over 12 months later" blog was here with his new vehicle for some maintenance.  The TD42 check over included a full service, upgraded diff and trans oils, Power Curve TD42 fan upgrade, and dyno tune.  Living north the TD42 was purchased here on the coast.  Having had experience with the Power Curve Performance team prior the TD42 check over was carried out with us.   Wayne will be using the TD as a travel car and has a few trips. The TD42 check over and service.  All air, oil, fuel filters were replaced.  It is very important to change your filters, the change in power, engine temperature and reliability can...

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2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune shows just why it is an unquestionable must to install a performance clutch.  A rise in 220NM of torque leaves the standard clutch to fail every time.  Toyota clutches are known to slip and the added power and torque achievable via the ECU Tune will destroy them every time.   Clutch upgrade options 4Terrain and Australian design completely tested on their Australian dyno and built to withstand our Australian climate. New to CI is the Heavy Duty (HD) clutch system; a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade. Engineered to handle loads of torque, it leaves standard specification clutches behind. The HD clutch is built to endure the rugged demands of workhorse vehicles. Alogical choice for those who demand...

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Kristy from Burson Hilux

Kristy from Burson Hilux did the rounds of the local mechanic shops for the right gear pre her move to North Queensland.  Set for camping and all of the adventures the north could bring.  Kristy has worked in Nambour as a parts interpreter and delivery for both Bruson and prior when known as car bits. Kristy has a fairly good idea over her years in the town of the achievements, reputations and quality of workmanship that the workplaces turn out.  Kristy from Burson Hilux was Power Curve Performance.     Toyota Hilux ECU Tune Toyota manuals require a performance clutch upgrade.  Power Curve Performance installs NPC or 4terrain depending on customer preference.  This Hilux was set up with an NPC...

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Izusu, MUX, ECU tune, Towing, reliability, Power

Its been a while since the MUX ECU Tune for Steve.  We have a whole new location, dyno bay and bigger work team.  The MUX is still running strong and Steve and his family often pop by to say hi and give us an update on the MUX ECU Tune. At the time of the MUX ECU Tune the vehicle was relatively new and still under warranty.  Hesitant about the also new ECU Tune technology Steve put his faith and trust in the Power Curve Performance team.   Isuzu MUX ECU Tune While a dyno reading from our old dyno dynamics format you can clearly see the outcome of the ECU Tune.  Steves main issue with the Isuzu was lack of...

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Trip Hilux

ECU Tune, Toyota, Hilux, family, Trip Hilux, Power Curve Performance, suspension, cape trip

This is Emmas Mum and Dad.  You would think naturally they would be Power Curve Performances biggest fans and loyal customers.  Well like most family working on your own families cars can be one of the hardest gigs in town.  When we started Power Curve Performance they bought their cars in for a service.  I really did not expect them to keep coming back.  They had been to the same mechanic in their hometown for as long as I can remember.  As much as they love their kids rightfully they are busy people and in much need of a reliable car.  It wasn't their last service and Patrick and I were and are over the moon with the compliment. The...

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ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune

Direct injection diesel ECU Tune, Sunshine Coast, Boost Cut, limp mode, Nissan, Diesel, Diesel Performance, school holidays, things to do with the family, outdoors, overlanding, 4x4, off road

Resolve your boost cut or limp mode issues with a ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune. Owning a ZD30 DI does not mean you have to sit in the slow lane and watch the TD42 owners fly past you as they boil their way up the hill. ZD30 DI owners are frustrated with the lack of passion and investment tuning and performance shops are spending on their vehicle.  If your ZD30 DI is going into limp mode before you make it to the shops.  If you have spent most of your family holiday time swearing on the side of the road with the kids rather than enjoying the journey.  An ECU tune maybe in order.   ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune...

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