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Top Tips Pre ECU Tune

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Many of us know the benefits, on road results and gains of an ECU Tune.  The information is more readily available to us.  If you don't know that's fine too we are more than happy to discuss the upgrade with you.  For those who have done the research and have made the booking here are some of our Top Tips Pre ECU Tune.  Some of these you can easily achieve your self-others we recommend being carried out by a professional depending on your knowledge and skill level.   The ECU Marathon Lets imagine you are going to enter into the Sunshine Coast marathon.  I don't matter if you are a little 2.2 or a big V8 if you are committing to marathon...

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What is the difference between a chip and an ECU Tune?

2012 Nissan Patrol ZD30 CR Auto

  What is the difference between a chip and an ECU Tune? One of the most asked questions of common rail 4x4 owners. Lets chat through some of the differences and look at why the owner of this 2012 Nissan Patrol ZD30 CR Auto replaced his chip with and ECU Tune. Diesel Performance Chips Diesel performance chips have been the best thing on the market since sliced bread.  A simple plug and play option with price tags from $50- $3000.  Pre ECU Tuning the diesel performance chip gave us an increase in power and torque.  For many the simple diy and visible product is still today a draw card than the unknown of the science behind the ECU tune. Diesel...

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SUPERIOR ENGINEERING EXPLAINS HOW TO FIND OUT WHEN YOU SHOULD USE COIL OR STRUT SPACERS AND WHICH ONES YOU SHOULD BE USING! So why use coil spacers? Coil spacers are ideal for those who want a moderate increase in lift height, while maintaining near factory ride & handling for the least amount of money. They are also a great idea if you are looking to raise the height of your 4WD, but want to be sure about the extra height before plunging into the cost of a full suspension kit. For those of us with coil sprung solid axle vehicles the addition of a coil spring spacer can provide many benefits, such as compensating for uneven load distribution, spring settling and sagging. By simply...

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4×4 Clutch Fail

clutch slip,

4x4 Clutch Fail, replacement and why it occurs.  The 4x4 clutch is one of the highest wearing components of a 4x4.  Standard 4x4 on asphalt roads will eventually find the clutch to wear and experience slip. Top 6 Reasons 4x4 clutch fail Drive style While the way you drive and the outcome on the 4x4 clutch fail will be unintentional it does occur.  The most heavy duty clutch can and will fail if due to driving style.  Overworking and deliberately slipping the 4x4 clutch as a way to control the vehicle speed and or wheel sping, exaggerated when off road will increase the rate of 4x4 clutch fail. Larger tyres Bigger tyres without re-gearing the diff and or transfer case will add...

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I got bogged on Inskip

I got bogged on Inskip, if you have not come across the facebook page take a look. 165,373 people like the facebook page and Im sure we see it so often as inskip beach is so local to us.  If you live in Perth or Sydney there has to be a location near you that reflects this page.  If you're not a Facebook follower the above clip shows a Nissan Patrol attempting to recover the dual cab out of the bog.  Unfortunately not using a rated recovery point the bar is pulled clear off the dual cab.  The video is amazing with the Nissan Patrol driver having a good laugh at maybe the luck of the situation. In all honesty, while his...

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How to Measure a Shock Absorber

HyperFlex Radius Arms - Available Now, Power Curve Performance, Superior Engineering

Why? The correct measurement of your shock absorbers is important to allow full flex of your vehicle and to reduce damage and wear to the shocks. HOW TO GET THE BEST RESULTS? In order to get the proper lengths for your shock absorber, it is vital that you flex your vehicle to maximum articulation, which will require the removal of the factory shocks. PHASE ONE: MEASURE THE VEHICLE Step 1 Remove the shock absorbers from your four wheel drive vehicle. Step 2 Flex up the vehicle to achieve maximum articulation. This will provide one side of the vehicle with full compression and allow the opposite side of the vehicle to reach the full extended height. Hot Tip: If you do...

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Volkswagen Amarok Service

Volkswagen Amarok Service, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast, Nambour

Volkswagen Amarok Service in today for a lovely local family.  A well performing vehicle does not need to be owned by a car fanatic.  You do not have to fit this description to be our customer either.  Our children dance with the owner of this Volkswagen Amarok Service children.  Dave has no interest in what tyres, suspension or how much power his Volkswagen Amarok has.  However he is a very busy man not unlike many of our customers. Dave has a job that can see him doing regular trips to Brisbane and back in a suit and tye.  The fire warden for his local rural fire brigade and has fought the recent fires near the new Aura estate and Australia Zoo. ...

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DPF Failure

dpf failure, dpf solutions, Power Curve Performance, diesel performance, sunshine coast, ecu tuning, diesel chip, diesel performance, 4x4 service

DPF Failure         DPF Failure now the DPF have been in many types of diesel for some time is a new problem for the owner. Unaware of what a DPF or Diesel particulate filter is? DPF is a filter located in your exhaust system.  Most countries worldwide have placed these in place as a legal solution to control emissions. The job of the DPF is to catch the regular soot that was expelled from your exhaust into a honeycomb type filtration system.  The design of the filtration system is that once the filter gets to a point the system will heat to a very high temperature. The dense soot that we visibly see is broken down to a very small...

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4X4 Suspension

superior engineering, sunshine coast, 4x4 suspension, patrol

Power Curve Performance is one few Superior engineering dealers in Australia.  Power Curve Performance now offers a large range of 4x4 Suspension kits. Not only do we sell Superior Engineering brand but we also stock and distribute a complete range of 4X4 parts and 4WD accessories from other leading brands such as AmadaXtreme, ProFender, EFS, Bilstein, Tough Dog, Dobinsons, AirBag Man, Lucas Oils, Toyota Genuine Parts, Nissan Genuine Parts, Goat Built, Outback Armour, TREDs, GoPro and more. Even with such a massive range, we still ensure that the products we sell are of the highest standard... selling only the top brands and best quality items available on the market. 4x4 Suspension Kits Air bags Bushes Coil Spacers/strut spacers Coil Springs Leaf...

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Legendex Off Road Armour Rock-Sliders

Legendex Off-Road-Armour – Rock-Sliders, ECU tune, sunshine coast dyno tuning, power curve performance, Nambour mechanical, 4wd upgrades modification, turbo upgrades, injector upgrades, duramax conversions, nissan tune, ECU Tune, Diesel Tune, Duramax, Allison six speed auto installations

Legendex Off Road Armour Rock-Sliders     Legendex Off Road Armour has launched with a big new range of rock sliders for dual-cabs.   They’ve got the tough Legendex look The unique stepped-rear design looks great and gives powerful extra protection for your rear wheel and tub. Military-style reversed dimple-die plates for strength, foot grip and drainage. Stronger & better designed Bolts directly to the chassis. Great sill and panel protection. Angled-up for superior clearances Air-bag compliant Hi-lift jack from any point along the sliders. Durable powder-coating for great looks.       Now Available for... Ford Ranger PX 3.2L Dual-cab 2011-17 Holden RG Colorado Dual-cab 2012-17 Isuzu D-Max Dual-cab 2012-17 Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2.4L Dual-cab 2015-17 Nissan Navara D23...

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