BT50 Travel Power Upgrade

Glen is ready to hit the road and see the great country we call home, Australia.  He has had the age old debate with himself.  Do I upgrade to a new vehicle or keep the one Im happy with?  Hes keeping the dual cab with the addition of a BT50 travel power upgrade.


Glen has previously had the automatic transmission upgraded.  This weekend is the beginning of his camping adventures.  Power Curve Performance with our reach and reputation was Glens choice for the Bt50 Travel Power Upgrade.  Glen and Emma spent a fair time going over his best options.  This biggest issue Glen found is there is very little off the shelf BT50 travel power upgrade options for his Mazda.

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Mazda BT50 Travel Power Upgrade List


Benefits of the BT50 Travel Power Upgrade

Graham is looking for a longer life of his BT50.  A diesel engine benefits highly from keeping it as cool as possible.  PWR has a great reputation for their intercooler cores.  Many manufacturers who you buy intercoolers from use the PWR core.  Wishing to camp on the beach the PWR transmission cooler has been added.  The factory cooler is in the way for this upgrade and has been upgrades with the PWR.

Assisting further with cooling a 3″ 409 stainless Legendex exhaust has been installed.  Turbo back we are aiming to expel the exhaust gasses as quickly and efficiently as possible. Provent catch can for the capture of damaging egr build up.  Separating essentially the soot from the oil.

Last but not least a Custom Power Curve Performance Diesel ECU Tune.  Patricks dyno tunes are made to customer order.  He takes into account the upgrades, standard set up or your wish to travel or tow.  High EGTs and excessive soot are signs of a bad tune and will not of come from Power Curve Performance.

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