Blown headlight

Blown Head Light

Wow have you ever had a headlight bulb that looks like this?  The water caused the blown head light in the Nissan Patrol and sparked some great facebook diagnosis from our followers.

Glass half full, hit a vulcan, Hulk jizz, wrong type of headlight fluid, 10 ways kale can improve your well being all some of the fun (not real) causes for the issue.


Blown Head LightBlown Head Light

Blown headlight

Having seen us on facebook and following our page Mitch has been looking for a new local mechanic.  When he rung the team I was not aware of his glass half full head light however able to replace his headlights with supplied Angel lights.  As an imported after market item they are not an easy fit and a few minor modifications where needed to have them fit as they should.  Such a simple modification the blown head light repair has given the Nissan Patrol a nice face lift.

Blown Head LightBlown Head Light

Nissan Patrol Service

During the service the team not only change oil and filter they check the ute over for maintenance issues.  The process also includes notice of start/stop noises vibrations as well as the same with a test drive.  Mitch gave us a run down on the history and things he noticed prior to the service.  If you are experiencing a shudder or issue is is a common miss belief that your mechanic will just pick it up or that your job will be cheaper the less information you give.

More information the cheaper the outcome

Giving your mechanic a detailed description as possible will save you money.  Let your mechanic know what the issue is, where it is coming from, environment that causes it, is it getting worse or staying the same, has someone tried to fix it before, how much of a priority is it to have it fixed.

Mitch let us know that the patrol had been low on oil and he had topped it up.  There are some leaks and he may of overfilled it.  We now know the engine may of been at a level of stress with low oil and it may of been some time since the patrols last service or a reason why it has used so much oil.  The leaks described could be in relation to the oil being over filled and could be some leaks that relate to this not to another factor.  This information saved Mitch from us having to follow up on our own assumptions or visual identification.

Start up of the engine a distinguished noise can be identified as the car winds, this is in relation to low compression.  The action or outcome is not cheaper with the diagnosis or need for further investigation however it has saved time on locating the issue in the first place.


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