A minute with Emma

Emma Power Curve Performance, Nambour mechanic

Beside every great man there is a great woman.. or so the story kind of goes.  In the case of Power Curve Performance, that woman is Emma.  While her husband Patricks profile has risen on the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide so has the woman by his side.  Emma is the driving force behind the business this Patrick holding the passion to the talent to make the unachievable work.  We sat down with her today to find out a little more about why she loves living in this male-driven industry.

A minute with Emma

Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to talk to us today Emma.  Power Curve Performance has grown so much in the past few years here in Nambour.  As a woman what made you want to start and be a part of a Sunshine Coast mechanic business?

A)  Thankyou for asking.  Power Curve Performance grew from a need for me.  I have been around the performance industry since I met Patrick in high school.  I always felt he needed an avenue to use his skills under his own terms. Follow and grow his ideas ness probably isn’t his passion however it is for me.  I love it, thrive off the process and all I can learn and offer.  To have a business you just need a passion and a talent.  So I put Patricks talent with my passion and now am finding a way to grow it and offer it to others.

Q) Don’t you find it hard to learn and understand the mechanics of the industry?

A) I have found my level of understanding and what I have learnt living and breathing the performance industry, in particular, gives me the upper hand in the industry.  If all of our customers where also experts in the field they would just do it themselves. Sometimes the technicians can be too technical so they explain the mechanics of the service or performance upgrade and I can interpret it to the customer.  I think that builds trust and value in our brand.

Q) Owning a performance mechanic workshop what kind of car do you drive?

A) Its a bit of a running joke around here that I own all of the cars and Patrick doesn’t really have a car.  They are our cars but he kindly buys them for “me”.  I have a town car that is a diesel x5 BMW.  We have kept it simple with a Diesel ECU Tune and an Idrive as I love my car to perform.  I would like to turbo it and upgrade the exhaust at some point.  My other car is a 4×4 Ford Ranger.  Again using Patricks talent we are working on a V8 LS conversion package for the Ford Rangers.   My other daily driver the Ranger has an LS2 and a harrop supper charger.  Its a fun toy.

PX1 LS2 and PX2 LS3, all in and running.PX1 has L98 with a camshaft fitted and just clicked over 30 000klm since done…

Posted by Australian PX Ranger V8 conversions on Saturday, 15 September 2018

Q) Wow it does seem like you really enjoy your job.  You have two daughters, what values do you instill onto your children?

A) Our daughters spend a lot of time in our business.  I feel it is important to teach them the value of working for what you want.  Believing in yourself and pushing for what you want in a positive way.  I like to share with them the highs and lows and I hope that it gives them some perspective on what they can do in life.  Being a parent is never easy and you never really fully know what your doing.

Q) What is one big mistake you have made in business?

A) Luckily due to pure determination, the mistake was resolved for me.  We always felt there was best value in qualified experienced people and never really wanted an apprentice as we were afraid of the quality of work on customers vehicles.  Isaac came along at the ripe age of 16 originally and opened our eyes.  He is amazing and a spitting image in drive and determination and talent as Patrick.  If he didn’t nag us so much we could of let that talent go.

Q) What is a mistake you see other mechanics on the Sunshine Coast make?

A) Customers come to us for our service as much as our knowledge and talent.  I think mechanics is hard.  Someone once wrote about how they felt mechanics is harder than being a doctor.  His theory was that there are men and women and besides all of the things that go wrong with us there are technically two models in the make.  With vehicles, they change all of the time from technology, country etc.  There are even multiple engines in the same car.  I believe a mistake good mechanics are making on the Sunshine Coast is not showing the customer what they do and giving them value.  I believe the mechanics themselves also need to pick themselves up and value themselves also.  I work with a team of them every day and they are very clever.

Thankyou for taking the time to speak to us today Emma and take a minute to look into your role as owner of Power Curve Performance.


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