79 Series Hill Test

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Facebook and the internet is full of information and dyno sheets on what horsepower and gains are expected from an ECU tune.  When we dyno tune any vehicle that is registered we take it for a before and after test drive.  This includes a rather steep incline in the area.  One of the team other than the tuner will take the vehicle on this drive to give an unbias opinion of the outcome.  If they dont like the outcome the tune will be re looked at.  One of these mechanics proposed taking this 79 Series Hill Test to show why he likes the process.

On Road Test

The on road test helps give us a better indication on the areas the vehicle can be improved on the road.  Driving many of the same types of vehicles a bad clutch in say a Ranger or a reason to believe an intake maybe overly blocked is easy to feel on this drive alone.  As you will see in the 79 Series Hill Test by driving the 79 series Landcruiser on the same trip in the same way we can see the real difference for you when you are far away from the dyno and back on your next trip towing your van.

Jesse Review

Jesse test drives most of our tunes in house he himself has sought more power from his nissan patrol 4×4 and understands the frustration with lag and just how much the ECU tune can benefit the driver.  The test hill replicates for us a business just how frustrating it can be having ie as one facebook follower suggested paying $80k for a top of the range 4×4 and needing to modify it to gain power to just drive it up a hill.  Unfortunately, this is no slag or finger point to Toyota or to the Landcruiser as a make or model as a one off occurrence. This is a common frustration for all 4×4 owners, they are commonly very detuned from standard.  Jesse mentioned to us just how amazing it was to see these results on the road over and over and thought we should share them with you.

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79 Series Hill Test

The following clip is simply about putting your frustration into video to verify the experience you are having on the road and the solution.  There are two clips you will see from bottom to the top of the hill.  First is pre-modifications and the driver struggles to keep the v8 at 60km/ hr.  From this point, the vehicle undertook a 4terrain clutch upgrade (Toyota requirement), ECU Tune and Legendex exhaust system.  Once this job was completed we waited.  The following day near the same time vehicle at a similar temperature, same driver and passenger the hill was taken on again.  The results are the driver had to take their foot off the throttle as there was more power than needed for the road to drive.



Well the proof is in the drive.  The ECU Tune package removes lag and increases the on road performance.  Many have improvements with fuel economy, however, a lot of this will come down to servicing, driving style and load you are towing.  ‘

If you have more questions in regards to better performance and reduced lag with your 4×4

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