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Why a service is more than just an oil and filter change

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Power Curve Performance located in Burnside Sunshine Coast Nambour are a little bit different to your run of the mill mechanic.  The service our team offer are broader than a general mechanic.  Power Curve Performance offer suspension, performance upgrades, dyno tuning, GVM upgrades and much more.  This means Power Curve Performance also see a lot of people doing their own work on their vehicle.  Often we have customers who are confused as to the condition of their vehicle regarding maintenance when they service their own car.  This can often be confused with people assuming a service is just an oil and filter change.  Previously when performing a suspension upgrade we informed a customer we noted his brakes where metal on...

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SHOCK ABSORBER MEASUREMENT The correct measurement of your shocks is important to allow full flex and reduce damage to the shocks. In order to get the proper lengths it is vital that you flex the vehicle to maximum articulation, which may require the removal of the factory shocks. The picture below gives an indication of what is needed to get a correct measurement. If you do not have access to a ramp as in the picture you can also use any incline that allows you to reach maximum articulation. There are two different types of mountings on shocks. The first type is eye mount. All eye type shock ends are measured from the centre of the eye where the bolt...

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Reality v fiction on our tv

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If you were to pop by the Power Curve Performance house after hours you would most likely find Patrick, Emma and the girls watching Gasmonkey Garage or a mountain of other vehicle related shows.  Dam its about time we watched a movie because diesel brothers, top gear, street outlaws, American restorations you name it we have watched or are watching it.  This form of say reality tv and idea is everywhere, you tube, Instagram, tick tock, pay tv, Netflix, if you turn on a device there is someone out there doing unbelievable things in the flash of an eye.   What the problem The problem is the same issue that there is in every professional service industry.  I don't care...

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Rebirth of the zd30 bmw

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So it’s been a while, but the ZD30 BMW is back alive!! It had auto issues and was parked for a bit. Long story but we pulled the ZD30DI out and put it in a navara, brass button clutch, front mount and all the bits expect for the turbo, has a crap turbo on it currently which will be removed and more suitable unit installed. The original build in the nav we used a 79 series VDJ turbo that made 220hp with std tune and 25psi, the current turbo made 175hp at 30psi with same tune, after some tweaks and tuning is making 220hp and drives really good but the old turbo was much better, so either go back to...

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