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Log book stamps

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The mechanical industry in our forums, industry magazines etc are chatting about the damage of incorrect log book stamps and its effects for both customer and industry.  Maybe its mechanics trying to compete with the big dealers and cap price servicing for work.  Customers with a higher cost of living unable to afford the inflated cost of newer vehicles and compensating parts.  Could it just be incorrect service procedures and cutting corners.  All of the above, more or just something to blame. This does not help if you buy a vehicle with the pre belief is a has a good service history due to log book stamps. What do you mean by log book stamps? What is the issue? Driving...

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Top Tips Pre ECU Tune

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Many of us know the benefits, on road results and gains of an ECU Tune.  The information is more readily available to us.  If you don't know that's fine too we are more than happy to discuss the upgrade with you.  For those who have done the research and have made the booking here are some of our Top Tips Pre ECU Tune.  Some of these you can easily achieve your self-others we recommend being carried out by a professional depending on your knowledge and skill level.   The ECU Marathon Lets imagine you are going to enter into the Sunshine Coast marathon.  I don't matter if you are a little 2.2 or a big V8 if you are committing to marathon...

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MAXTRAX uses, power curve performance, 4x4, recovery, off road, superior engineering

Seen all the 4x4 getting around with the Baywatch board attached to various points of their 4x4?  No we don't have an influx of beach-ready lifesavers they are MAXTRAX.  MAXTRAX are a top choice of 4x4 recover. Today we are going to go through some of the top MAXTRAX Uses. Note Baywatch board look   MAXTRAX is the recommended brand for 4x4 recovery.  There are cheaper internet options available however if you are headed off road and think you may get stuck or need to use your recovery gear, don't skimp on safety for price. It may cost more than the price or $ you pay. MAXTRAX Technical info MAXTRAX is the lightweight, handy vehicle extraction device that fits in your 4WD ensuring...

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Hyundai I40 ECU Tune

Its not all V8 lancruisers and Nissan patrols here at Power Curve Performance. A slightly smaller diesel on the dyno today, Hyundai I40 ECU Tune with A 1.7 Ltr diesel auto in for a tune.  The lady owner is sick an tired of the lag she experienced.  She gave her husband an ultimatum fix it or replace it.  Husband has a 200 series that is also coming in for an ECU Tune.  When the wife gives you this ultimatum best have her lag resolved first!! Hyundai I40 ECU Tune The Hyundai has more power and torque and has a much improved throttle response making it much more pleasurable to drive. Its not always about the huge dyno number but...

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2006 DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tune

zd30 di 2006 nissan patrol, dirrect injection, ECU Tuning, Power Curve Performance

Today Power Curve Performance is going to give you a look into the dyno cell as our in-house calibrator performs a 2006 DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tune.  The customer has spent the Easter weekend with the family on the beach.  Taking an additional day off work the family extended the stay to have the family DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tuned with the team.  No major complaints to be had with the 2006 DI Nissan Patrol.  Just awareness of the potential upgrades achievable through a custom ECU Tune. Click Below for your peek into the Power Curve Performance Dyno Cell 2006 DI Nissan Patrol ECU Tune Outcome Zacks Di Nissan Patrol had a little more standard power than some we have seen. ...

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