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TD42 check over

TD42 check over, service, dyno tune, upgrades Power Curve Performance

Wayne with the Commodore we have spoken about in the "over 12 months later" blog was here with his new vehicle for some maintenance.  The TD42 check over included a full service, upgraded diff and trans oils, Power Curve TD42 fan upgrade, and dyno tune.  Living north the TD42 was purchased here on the coast.  Having had experience with the Power Curve Performance team prior the TD42 check over was carried out with us.   Wayne will be using the TD as a travel car and has a few trips. The TD42 check over and service.  All air, oil, fuel filters were replaced.  It is very important to change your filters, the change in power, engine temperature and reliability can...

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2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune shows just why it is an unquestionable must to install a performance clutch.  A rise in 220NM of torque leaves the standard clutch to fail every time.  Toyota clutches are known to slip and the added power and torque achievable via the ECU Tune will destroy them every time.   Clutch upgrade options 4Terrain and Australian design completely tested on their Australian dyno and built to withstand our Australian climate. New to CI is the Heavy Duty (HD) clutch system; a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade. Engineered to handle loads of torque, it leaves standard specification clutches behind. The HD clutch is built to endure the rugged demands of workhorse vehicles. Alogical choice for those who demand...

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Holden Colorado ECU Tune

Justins' Holden Colorado ECU Tune took place November 2016.  Justin lives in the Brisbane area and had been recommended to Power Curve Performance by a friend.  Over 12 months later I still recall Justin and my conversations.  Like many Justin probably questioned my understanding of his issue.  Justin loves his Holden Colorado and for all intents, in purpose, it is a great ute, 4x4 and family vehicle for him.  Justin just was not 100% happy.  The performance and lets say go of the Colorado just weren't matching the price tag.  Luckily for Justin, we had a simple solution and  to his surprise, the price tag was extremely competitive and great value for money.   Holden Colorado ECU Tune Justin and Emma over...

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2013 Isuzu Dmax

Kerrys bought his 2013 Isuzu Dmax to the Power Curve Performance team for a reliable power upgrade.  The 2013 Isuzu Dmax is a very capable 4x4 for the local Bli Bli owner.  The Sunshine Coast is the most practical location for a 2013 Isuzu Dmax, close proximity to beaches, 4x4 tracks and tranquil camping locations.  The Dmax is now coming into one of the most popular utes on the market.   Owners of the common rail diesel are sourcing the new ECU Tune option for their diesel performance.  The common issue of going off road with vehicles going in to limp mode or lack of power with the addition of an older style diesel performance chip.  These issues are now easy to overcome...

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Kristy from Burson Hilux

Kristy from Burson Hilux did the rounds of the local mechanic shops for the right gear pre her move to North Queensland.  Set for camping and all of the adventures the north could bring.  Kristy has worked in Nambour as a parts interpreter and delivery for both Bruson and prior when known as car bits. Kristy has a fairly good idea over her years in the town of the achievements, reputations and quality of workmanship that the workplaces turn out.  Kristy from Burson Hilux was Power Curve Performance.     Toyota Hilux ECU Tune Toyota manuals require a performance clutch upgrade.  Power Curve Performance installs NPC or 4terrain depending on customer preference.  This Hilux was set up with an NPC...

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Izusu, MUX, ECU tune, Towing, reliability, Power

Its been a while since the MUX ECU Tune for Steve.  We have a whole new location, dyno bay and bigger work team.  The MUX is still running strong and Steve and his family often pop by to say hi and give us an update on the MUX ECU Tune. At the time of the MUX ECU Tune the vehicle was relatively new and still under warranty.  Hesitant about the also new ECU Tune technology Steve put his faith and trust in the Power Curve Performance team.   Isuzu MUX ECU Tune While a dyno reading from our old dyno dynamics format you can clearly see the outcome of the ECU Tune.  Steves main issue with the Isuzu was lack of...

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Over 12 months later

over 12mths later, holden commodore, Power Curve Performance, full package

September last year Wayne came into the old Power Curve Performance workshop for a simple tune.  Coming from central Queensland he was in the area and decided to have his new holden commodore tuned.  Over 12 months later and a hell of a story later we are today working on Waynes next project.  Being he comes from Howard and left his Nissan Patrol with us for a few days work, the Commodore came down for a visit.   Over 12 months earlier Initially, in for a tune and dyno check, Patrick noticed the gearbox was just not right driving the car from park to the dyno.  Wayne was ok with things being checked out and unfortunately, a simple tune did not go to...

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Landcruiser GLX Service

Landcruiser GLX Service, superiour engineering stockist

Davids first Landcruiser GLX Service with Power Curve Performance was February 2017.  Last week the Landcruiser GLX Service number 5 for the year was compleated.  David has a vibrant hunting hobby and he travels far an wide.  His hobby takes him into the the unknown areas of Australia or massive farms and properties to assist with overrun plague areas.  David requires his Landcruiser GLX to be at its peak performance. Landcruiser GLX Service February The initial service we carried out on the Landcruiser GLX included Diesel ECU Tune HPD Catch Can Diesel Care Filter NPC Clutch Service including all air, fuel and oil filters Diff and transmission oils Todays Service Now the GLX has the power, reliable clutch, and care systems to prevent issues...

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2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger, chip removal, Diesel ECU Tune, Sunshine Coast, Power Curve Performance

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger, even with the installation of the rail chip lacked the torque and power the owner desired.  While the rail chip did give the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger a slight increase in in power and torque.  Top end there is an increase of 12.6HP enough to notice a difference.  The owner was not experiencing enough down low torque for the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger to tow and drive at an excitable level for the financial investment in the product. 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger ECU Tune Results The Custom Diesel ECU tune for the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger has provided the outcome desired.  The below dyno sheet shows an increase in torque from standard.  At 1600RPM the increase...

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Nissan NP300 TLC

Nissan NP300 TLC, Power Curve Performance, HPD. Diesel Care filter, Catch Can, Throttle response unit, oil change, Mechanical service

David bought his son in laws new Nissan NP300 for some TLC.  The new vehicle is a trade ute and reliability and great maintenance is key for a trade base business.  No ute no work, David bought the Nissan NP300 in for a little TLC. Nissan NP300 TLC Upgrade 1 A full time work ute while still in warranty you don't have to completely sacrifice power.  Nissan NP300 TLC and throttle response with a Legendex Throttle response unit.  With no implications on the engine and all of the response in the pedal.  The Throttle Controller will give the owner better off the mark power and will suit him when towing and completely tray loaded.  The Throttle response unit is plug in...

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