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DPF Failure

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DPF Failure         DPF Failure now the DPF have been in many types of diesel for some time is a new problem for the owner. Unaware of what a DPF or Diesel particulate filter is? DPF is a filter located in your exhaust system.  Most countries worldwide have placed these in place as a legal solution to control emissions. The job of the DPF is to catch the regular soot that was expelled from your exhaust into a honeycomb type filtration system.  The design of the filtration system is that once the filter gets to a point the system will heat to a very high temperature. The dense soot that we visibly see is broken down to a very small...

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Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrol GQ/GU Wagon No Body Lift

Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrol GQ/GU Wagon No Body Lift   This is a heavy duty 100% Bolt-on Coil Tower Brace to suit the Nissan Patrol GQ / GU Wagon with no body lift. Superior Engineering has come up with another world first. Our bolt on coil tower brace for GU and GQ Nissan Patrol Wagons allows you strengthen your coil towers without the need to fit a body lift. The kit comes with everything needed for a complete bolt in installation. Why take the risk of your coil towers bending or worse still tearing off.   Why You Need Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrols are great for taking off road or just for you next family camping...

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ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol

ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol, 140k service, Intake pipe mod, HPD boost control, and ECU tune with 20psi

ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Services Provided ECU Tune New vehicle service and check Install HPD Boost Controller Install intake pipe mod ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol is a new purchase for our regular customer.  Unfortunately his last Nissan Patrol was lost to a rollover.  There was no question that the owner was to buy another.  The second that a Power Curve Performance service, check over and  ECU tune.  Missing his ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol the thought of driving the new purchase un tuned was a problem he needed quickly rectified.   Install intake pipe mod ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Dyno Results   Customers next project for his ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Superior Coil Tower Brace Nissan Patrol...

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2010 Toyota Auto Hilux

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2010 Toyota Auto Hilux Products used Power Curve Performance Custom ECU Tune Legendex 409 stainless exhaust system Legendex Throttle Controller   2010 Toyota Auto Hilux in for Legendex 3" exhaust, thrust monkey and Power Curve Ecu Tune.  The customer called during the week with great knowledge and experience with performance. Owning a motor bike dyno he had a good concept on the dyno and sheet results.  The customer was pleased with the on road drive ability and noticeable power increase on the road.  This customers brief is purely a great reliable power upgrade for the 2010 Toyota Auto Hilux.  This is a vehicle he plans to own for some time to come.   2010 Toyota Auto Hilux Dyno Results It can be...

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Booloumba Creek

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Boolumba Creek is yet another of the Sunshine Coast local treasures.  Located just minutes out of the tourist attraction of Kenilworth and its many highlights. The newly reinvented Kenilworth Bakery. Kenilworth cheese factory. Abundant national parks and 4wd adventure tracks. Unique speciality small business stores. Kenilworth is a small country town destination with many beautiful and breathtaking attractions. Booloumba Creek   Power Curve Performance est 2013 goal and aim is to see people enjoying Australia.  The Sunshine Coast is rich with close proximity destinations.  Booloumba creek is one of the most popular of these natural beauties.   A short distance from the township of Kenilworth the drive is 99% sealed roads.  Once you take the Booloumba creek turn off the picturesque drive...

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Harrop release TVS2650 Supercharger Kit

Harrop release TVS2650 Supercharger Kit Harrop has expanded its existing range of Australian engineered and manufactured Supercharger Kits to include the largest, most-efficient rotating group ever produced by Eaton, the TVS2650. As a master distributor of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products. Harrop is proud to release the first Australian Supercharger system featuring TVS2650 technology to suit LS3, LS7 port shape engine combinations with LSA coming soon. Harrop release TVS2650 Supercharger Kit.  Harrop FDFI Superchargers feature extensive upgrades to the cooling system, to ensure optimum thermal efficiency with the inclusion of twin pass intercooler cores in the manifold integrated with a front mount radiator and high flow Bosch intercooler pump. The improved intercooler system provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to...

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Corvette tune up

Steve's Corvette in for a tune up and change tappet covers over to stop rockers hitting them, not been running right for ages, missed at light throttle and was pinging under load, all comes down to good tuning it's not all about power!! Corvette tune up A new to you purchase can end in heartache for too many. A tune for a classic vehicle may be the last thing required on the to do list.  Not always on the want list but the must do. Remember most classics such as a Corvette are not everyday drivers.  Classics can be stored for years or only driven on the weekends an sit at car shows and events.  The advantage of a clean...

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2015 79 Series ECU Tune

2015 79 Series, awesome vehicles and completely transformed driveability with some quality components, Legendex thrust monkey and 3" stainless exhaust system, Direction Plus fuel filter and Provent 200 catch can, and PowerCurve ECU tune, completely different car to drive with 100% improvement in power and torque at 2000rpm!!! Local to the Sunshine Coast, the above 2015 79 Series Landcruiser presented to us for some reliable upgrades. Best care has been taken of the 79 Series over the past few years.  The owner plans on keeping the Landcruiser for some time to come.  Having done his research and speaking to others who have Power Curve Performance care for their vehicles the owner knew what was required in the likes of a tune.  ...

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Replacement turbo

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Replacement turbo for a kun26 Hilux after a clear indication of foreign material has passed through the old unit damaging the VNT mechanism.   Strip and clean turbocharger. All components are precisely cleaned before being measured to OE specs. All turbocharger parts are measured including bearing and seal journals, compressor and turbine wheel dimensions, housing bores, bearings, collars and seal rings. The wheels are then balanced via the balancing system. The turbine and compressor wheels are balanced separately. After this they are balanced together as one common rotating assembly, lastly, the CHRA is VSR balanced. The whole process is balanced to better OE specs. The turbocharger is then reassembled using all new parts. All bot holes, threads, fittings, gasket surfaces...

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Honey the rats ate my wiring

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Honey the rats ate my wiring Toney from True Line smash repairs a few doors down from Power Curve Performance had Monday issues with his wifes Rav 4. Toney often does a lot of his own work on the family vehicles.  Toney drove her Rav 4 to work and back with the check engine light on.  She bought it up with Toney who was non-pleased the distance she had driven in this state.  With the wife driving his commodore Toney had no time to fix the vehicle himself. A check engine light can vary from a multitude of issues not necessarily as we may first hope (no not my engine.)  This can make it time-consuming and difficult for even the best home DIY.   Back to work opting to walk and calm down after his frustration with his personal...

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