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2006 Holden Clubsport Dyno

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Holden Clubsport Dyno Holden Clubsport 2006  booked in for a dyno run on the Dyno Dynamics roller today. Clubsport owner had a few noted issues they wanted to be diagnosed. Power Curve Performance diagnostic specialist test drove the vehicle to locate the described issues. Often simulating the drive experience the customer is explaining with them is the best way to correctly diagnose an issue. Assuming or interpenetrating the fault can be costly and timely for the customer. Power Curve Performance Proposal Customers require a proposal to confirm the current running condition of their vehicle.  Prior to purchase, sale, modifications, tunes, and peace of mind. Condition prior to purchase, sale, modifications, tunes, and peace of mind. For the proposal of the...

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1JZGTE Engine Conversion into Manual Hilux

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This ln65 Toyota hilux had a long journey to us all the way from Rockhampton, was delivered to us with no engine, gearbox, dash, seats or interior, bull bar and fuel tank all in the tray, 1JZGTE engine was in the tray of the tow vehicle that delivered it to us, looked a little bit more work than was discussed over the phone and to be honest I wasn't sure it would ever turn up and I had no idea it was coming from Rockhampton some 6+hrs drive away! Once in the workshop we looked at the situation as we do with most of our jobs, set a list of jobs to be done and started our engine conversion, ordered...

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