2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual

2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual is the owners workshop office.  One of The big mower fleet the Ford Ranger is needed as part of the every day role of the owner.  Removing the customer concern of lag and limiting power over taking while towing.  The owner of the business was kind enough to factor this into the customers bonus this year as they could see the value to their business having the Ford Ranger perform more efficiently for the owner.

How can an ECU Tune be safer on the road?

More power and safety are not often linked together.  For the Power Curve Performance family and business a respectable power upgrade is top priority when we purchase a new vehicle.  The sunshine coast roads are getting busier every day.  Our cars are used for parts collection and school drop off.  Mostly at peak times of the day when a drive to the next town can be half hour turn around on a week day or 5 minutes on a weekend.  Removing the lag experienced by many including the 2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual gives the driver back confidence and trust.

Have you ever gone to take off in your 4×4 only to find by the time your car responds you would of rethought the move in the first place?

Often this can be more frustrating and dangerous. Family or time frames to meet and congested roads not sure or confidant on your decision can cause accidents.  Add to this additional weight or a trailer in tow it is understandable why so many trades persons are finding the ECU Tune a cost effective solution to their frustrations.

2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual, Power Curve Performance, ECU Tune2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual, Power Curve Performance, ECU Tune

The Results for the 2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 Manual

A great service history with a professional mechanic means for a great engine.  Did you know Power Curve Performance also service in house?

This Ford Ranger has a good service history and the customer is proud of his work ute.  The gains experienced with the 2.2 Ford Ranger are experienced just where he wants to tow.  Torque gains are experienced early in the rev range where the 2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 will be as traveling on the roads and highways of the Sunshine Coast.  The weekends this power applies when 4×4 or on the beach or when the towing is exchanged with a caravan for a weekend away.


If you would like some information on how we can assist your on road response and lag reduction click bellow

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