2006 ZD30 ECU Tune

2006 Nissan Patrol ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast

Todays 2006 ZD30 ECU Tune comes to Power Curve Performance from Brisbane.  Making the journey to our Nambour Sunshine Coast location for the power upgrade.

The vehicle has been upgraded substantially with an exhaust, upgraded intercooler, catch can and more.  The vehicle not only underpowered and experiencing limp mode.  Limp mode is best described as a state a vehicle turns to so you can safely get home if the ECU believes there is an issue with the way it runs.   Limp mode or get home mode is common in un ECU Tuned Nissan Patrol zd30 4x4s.  Limp mode fault creates an unreliable outcome for the owner.

2006 ZD30 ECU Tune

Power Curve Performance resolves the power frustration of the 2006 ZD30 with an ECU Tune and tillix controller.  The tillix system controls the turbo boost issues experienced.  As shown below there is a great increase in torque in the lower rpm on the scale.  From 1600 – 2600 RPM the torque and power both increase significantly.  Standard the power dips away where the Nissan driver is looking for power to overtake and confidently tow up an incline.

2006 Nissan Patrol ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance, Nambour, Diesel tune, turbo lag, throttle response, limp mode

Why is an ECU Tune a better option in a Nissan than a Diesel Performance chip?

2006 ZD30 ECU Tune is safer for you 4×4 due to the fact it uses the factory computer.  Power Curve Performance describes putting a diesel performance chip on your vehicle like adding a drug or virus to your body.  Like your body the ECU attempts to fight against the commands the chip is demanding.  This can cause strain on the engine and running parameters.  Particular chips are known to cause reliability issues with the Nissan injector pumps.  The price to replace these is just under $3000.

ECU Tune carried out by Power Curve Performances inhouse diesel tuner will give you power and reliability, when paired with a great condition engine.  The ECU Tune is just like going to the gym and improving your personal performance.  We highly recommend working with your vehicles natural state for peak performance gains.