2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune

2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune looking at increasing the power and reliability of the engine.  As a standard upgrade on these vehicles a roof rack, bullbars, and accessories you are pulling power from the vehicle.   The Nissan Patrol is well known as a great tow vehicle.  Increasing the power in these makes them a pleasure to drive and tow with.  2004 DI Nissan Patrol, ECU Tune, DI ZD30

2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune v Chip

Why should I ECU Tune v chip? Is panadol the best treatment for a broken arm? Well yes it will help reduce the pain but will it resolve the issue long term? No.

You also can not be sure of what further damage you may cause.  A chip can be the same in an ECU controlled vehicle.  The gains a great for a while however limp mode or fuel pump failures can make the chip option a more costly outcome.  Hence the difference between a full upgrade rather than a band-aid fix.


2004 DI ECU Tune, DI ZD30

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